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Unhappy Hi, new here and need HELP!!!!


I am new here and have been trying to play my amiga 1200. I had lost the games years ago but still have the hardware; the unit, power pack, joysticks and mouse. It is all in working condition, or so I thought. I finally purchased some games and one came through the post yesterday (cannon fodder yay!) so I set up the amiga, put the disk in and it all loaded up perfectly. I was so excited! Put disk two in as it requested, and pressed fire to start the mission. Epic. HOWEVER, when I tried to move the mouse or the joystick (I tried all three joysticks I have, and the mouse) the cursor would only move a tiny bit in any direction, and not in the right direction either. So I figured there is probably a problem with the mouse port itself. Cleaned the port up, but still no joy. I guess it's probably a bad connection and may need re-soldering or replacing? Where can I get one of these?

Second problem... whilst searching the forums re: the mouse problem, my bright spark of a boyfriend decided to disconnect everything, and SHAKE the amiga. This was followed by tipping it from side to side, and something is now rattling around in there, which was not happening before. (followed by 'it was already making that noise! I didn't do that!') He then connected it all up again (after me shouting 'Leave it alone!') and now the purple 'insert disk' screen comes up, but makes a HORRIBLE noise when you put a disk in and won't load ANY disks. *CRIES* I know there's not much chance of knowing what's going on until I open it up to see, but has anyone got any idea of what the damage is?

From a desperate Amiga owner,

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Mouse should be in port 1, joystick in port 2. If you connect joystick to port 1 you can only move cursor/pointer a tiny bit in any direction.
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Heya, sorry should have said, the joystick port is also not working... my bad!
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Purple Not an "official" color, but may be caused by bad ROMs.
Maybe try to open slowly your Amiga to see what is rattling inside. Do not use any force. It may be just some piece of plastic. If it's something else try to find photo of Amiga board to compare. Please don't do anything you are not sure.
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Did it work out for you?
Your boyfriend sounds like an Atariboy since he would handle an Amiga like that
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@silverspider05. It seems to be an error with your diskdrive, Your driveheads is maybe out of order.
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