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Glen M
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Suggestion for side scrolling beat em ups

I've been playing through golden axe on the Amiga the last few nights with my son and we finally beat it last night. In fact we've got good enough at it to beat the game in about 20 minutes which is odd as I don't remember the original being so short.

Anyway, we are now finished with that and are looking the next challenge. But can you recommended any 2 player games as I am struggling to find something good.

The Amiga port of Golden Axe is very good in my opinion, smooth scrolling (most of the time), good controls, fantastic graphics with music and sound effects throughout. The other games that spring to mind are the double dragon series and final fight but these suck on the Amiga. Final Fight looks almost arcade perfect, certainly mega drive perfect but the playability is gone and the lack of music makes the game boring quickly, especially for an 11 year old.

Are there any games of this sort that are unique to the Amiga worth checking out or are there any other decent ports out there?
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Teenage mutant hero turtles-the coin op. Shadow Warriors

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Now that HOL seems back up

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These are not Amiga games but you might also want to consider trying some side-scrolling beat-'em-ups on MAME:

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
Alien vs Predator
Knights of the Round
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Glen M
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Thanks guys I'll check out some of the suggestions.
I have mame on my original Xbox but it along with the rest of my collection is in storage at the minute.
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This cat is no more
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Dragon Ninja all right, but the arcade version. Amiga version gfx are ok but is soooo slow and jerky it's unplayable. Not to mention the lack of second button.

Are you looking for amiga-only games?

Not side-scrolling but yet looks very much like one: Warzone (Core Design).

Crime Fighters (MAME) is okay. Vendetta is even better but maybe not suitable for 11 years old (the part with the gay men "attacking" you is just offensive)
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The Strangers.
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Ninja Warriors (not really a beatemup perhaps).
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I'd forget about the Amiga for this type of game. Get yourself a Megadrive and the Streets of Rage series.

Double Dragon II on the NES is also brilliant.
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Get a raspberry pi and put mame on it
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