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Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
Big improvement, it sounds like. I did like the original release anyway but issues like that did make it bloody infuriating sometimes.
Yup, see this thread: Ghosts 'N Goblins - 100% perfect disk version

...and grab the 100% cracked / trained disk from Flashtro here
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being a 1942 and 1943 arcade fan, the Amiga version of 1943 was utter crap.
I do remember the cracktro indicated the cracker also agreed, as it displayed hilariously as release name "1943 (1917?)"
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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Shinobi was not so bad, they just didn't have the arcade assets and they had a bad artist on board. Possibly drawing by memory, not even have a video record. If they had the original sprites and backgrounds would have been much better even in 16 colors. Also some tweaking on the mechanics (jump too slow??).
And it looks like they used 8 colors for backgrounds and 8 for sprites. This must be an ST thing, to accelerate drawing I guess.
The weird (or maybe it was the normal) thing back then was that ports for various system came from the same "parent company" but pretty much every console had its own dev team that didn't really communicate with any other team or shared assets with the possible exception of Atari ST & Amiga.. PC Engine version of Shinobi is about the only port that looks and sounds a lot like the Arcade.
And its not just because PC Engine could display 512 colors..
The Amiga version has accurate enough map layout, enemy attack patterns etc.. but looks, sounds and plays like it was done by interns.
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Originally Posted by nobody View Post
I think the artist for shinobi did this: look in the arcade, then make a horrible sketch of every sprite with a pencil in his notebook then take the sketches home and draw. Probably some kid they told him he has a talent to draw.
Lol, I support this theory
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Maybe even used a ball pen, not possible to rectify the sketch.
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1943 was indeed awful. It's really even more of a shame since the NES game is pretty good and the NES is ridiculously inferior to the Amiga.

Another arcade shoot'em up that's dreadful is UN Squadron. The framerate on that is so low and the colors are so badly selected with bullets mixing with the background.. the game is a complete unplayable mess.

It's really curious that the same programmer then made the wonderful Parasol Stars and also the nice (and overall very well programmed) Lethal Weapon .
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Has Outrun been mentioned yet?
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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
Has Outrun been mentioned yet?
The "suckiness" of Amiga OutRun has already spawned its own threads ;-)

Skickat från min LG-H850 via Tapatalk
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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It was about the 3rd or 4th post
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I'm sure others have mentioned it but. OUTRUN. Any evidence of that game on Amiga should be burned.
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yep, Outrun good grapchis, but bad playbility..
The best conversion is the PC version
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It was horrible - yet I did play it lots of hours...weirdo...
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Unfortunately a lot of titles
European Football Champ was one of the greatest disappointment , loved arcade version but when at home...
Another soccer game was Soccer Superstars, but it was not a port, i had been mislead by the title and i thought it was konami's arcade version... another disillusion!
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Has anyone mentioned... OUTRUN sorry I'll get my coat, but yes it was completely unplayable and horrible!
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If I recall correctly, OUTRUN wasn't very good either.
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