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mä vaan
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Netsurf 68k


Sorry if I post this to wron place.

I'm trying to promote, that somebody could make native Os 3.9 version of Netsurf internet browser. SDL version from aminet is just not fast in enough with real amigas. Netsurf RicsOs requirements are arm6 30mhz ja 16mb memory, so it has proven that it is fast with low spec machines.

It has lots of advantages over the AWeb/IBrowse, it displays pages correctly, ie. like tihis one

Please notice that there is OS4 version it with rection gui. Maker of it has said that 68k port should be quite easy job and he has allso promised to help.

What is need to do:


Quote from amiga.org

Chris ported Netsurf to OS4 and this is what he said about 68k possibility:

"Actually it's relatively easy. If you start with the OS4 frontend, you should be able to get it working on OS3.9 with Reaction fairly quickly. There are a few things that need backporting (I have used a lot of new OS4 calls, but most have OS3 equivalents). A couple of major changes:
fonts code - probably needs to be rewritten to use ttengine.library (I already have a ttengine.library version of this code somewhere, needs updating and fixing though)
plotters - need to be rewritten to work on 8-bit screenmodes (this needs doing for OS4 too).

* and

The only code you need to touch to modify my OS4 frontend is in the "amiga" directory.

Anything relating to graphics output is in the file "plotters.c". Currently it uses a mix of graphics.library, (optionally Cairo) and Picasso96 calls. The graphics.library part sets colours using new OS4 32-bit calls - that will need modifying to use FindColor() - or ObtainBestPen() if you can figure out a way of keeping track of which pens can be unlocked.

I've recently added back in direct to screen rendering, it's buggy atm but should work better for 8-bit modes.

A lot of functions could be stubbed out with #ifdef __amigaos4__ to get it compiled, and then gradually fix functions as they are needed. There is a heck of a lot of code which is extra UI stuff which won't really matter for an initial porting effort.

I will help! Ask me questions and I will answer them!

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