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World Cup 90 on A1200?

Does anyone know if it's possible to run World Cup 90 from Genias (1990) on an A1200? I can get it to run on WinUAE using an A500+ setup but I can't get it to run on my actual machine. If it helps, I'm using the [cr Oracle] [a] tosec version.

Any help is appreciated.
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There are a few options. You can

1) try to find a hd-installer for the game
2) download a degrader from the aminet
3) softkick the amiga with a kickstart 1.3

I prefer the last point. This way you will load the kickstart 1.3 in the memory. after this the amiga will boot with the older kickstart. Doesn't work for every game though. But give it a try.

You can try TUDE. It's an degrader but you can also softkick an older kickstart with it. Give it a try, for example

this will boot the disk in drive df0:. Try this option first

the more reliable command is

whis will boot a kickstart1.3 as described above.
you will have to create in the folder 'DEVS:' a folder called 'Kickstarts'. Place a 1.3-kickstart, called 'kick34005.a500' in this folder.

Hope I could explain it good enough. My english is not that good.
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Thanks for the help, I've tried Relokick 1.4 but to no avail, in fact it crashes even earlier when I try that. I might give TUDE a try sometime. HD-Installers aren't an option on account of I don't have a HD in my miggy (yet!).

This might sound dumb, but I always thought degrading and softkicking were the same thing. Could somebody explain the difference for me please?
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If you can get an HD, do it. HD-Installs are the best. BEsides the removal of disk swapping (which I like!) the best thing is, when you have enough memory, to preload games. It'll be like playing with a cartidge console, zero wait time!
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Originally posted by RealaT
This might sound dumb, but I always thought degrading and softkicking were the same thing. Could somebody explain the difference for me please?
Softkicking is resetting the machine to boot using a different kickstart rom (like one now does in emulators).
Degrading takes on many colors and can include everything from turning of caches, to mocking slower processors, to any of a number of things that might resemble the older machine's configuration that the software was intended to run on.
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