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Using vintage joysticks!

hi all, I recently raided the family home and found all of my old joysticks that were the best fun my right hand had up until a certain age!

I long for that genuine feel while playing a game again so I bought a 9 pin serial to usb convertor and plugged in my old trusty Spectravideo 318-102 Quickshot and fired up winuae but I can't get it to work!

I'm no technical wiz, but I installed all the drivers for the convertor and it shows up in winuae's serial port section but I can't select it as a joystick!

Can anyone help me?

As I said it's a Spectravideo 318-102 linked to a Prolific 9pin serial to usb convertor if that helps!

I have the USB competition pro on the way but I prefer my Quickshot to play!

Thanks! Any info will be great!
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Toni Wilen
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9 pin joysticks are not serial. You need "Atari" joystick to USB converter, not serial to USB.
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Ahhh crap!

Didn't know that! Ahh well, where can I get one of them?
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Moved from prb.WinUAE, not WinUAE specific and I haven't used any USB joystick adapters.
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@ Krenzathal - try this:


It'll do what you need - allows you to connect your old joysticks to the usb port of your PC. I've got one - works perfectly with WinUAE.
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Man they are expensive!!
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Wow, they really are! I got my LPT Adapter years ago for about 10 €!
It has two 9-Pin Ports, and connects sadly to the parallel port on the PC.
But buying this one together with an USB-Adapter still would be cheaper.

Sad thing, their page seemingly vanished from the internet (Was something like c64amiga.com)...

But look at eBay, maybe you'll find a cheaper USB-Solution.
Just make sure, that the 9-Pin ports are meant for Atari/Amiga/C64/Megadrive joysticks, etc. and NOT as PC serial ports.
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This one works great, though it lacks a nice case. Anyway, the latency is muuuch better (10ms) than e.g. the Competition Pro USB (app. 100ms).

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