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A1200 + 680x0 cycle exact

I know, I know, this one's a complete fantasy but someday I'd like to see development of the A1200, 68020 & above & AGA emulation in WinUAE along the same lines as the A500, 68000 & OCS / ECS emulation.

ie. cycle exact and as accurate as possible for all processor configurations.

I'd like to see this first cos A1200 is a classic Amiga so, in my opinion, deserves the same level of exactness of emulation as the original A500 Amiga and second cos it would stop me having to keep buying various different accelerator cards for my real A1200 cos their rare as rocking horse shit and expensive when you do find them.

Never mind the fact that doing this completely accurate stuff might make the emulation s... l... o... w - eventually the processors in PCs will evolve enough speed to make that a non-issue, just like they did for A500 emulation.

Of course, my fantasy scenario completely ignores the vast amount of nigh on impossible work that would be involved in acheiving such a thing but hey, I'm dreaming here and in dreams there are no rules.
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Have a look here : http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=...&postcount=109
Grab the latest beta and have a look for yourself
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Originally Posted by From WinUAE beta thread
- 68EC020/68020 "cycle exact" mode implemented. This is A500 chipset cycle exact mode combined with 68020 CPU. 68020's chip RAM fetches are slowed by DMA, instruction cache is not emulated but "close enough" opcode fetches are not slowed down as much (better than nothing). Extra instruction processing cycle usage is not yet included, CPU basically runs as fast as memory allows. (which is more or less correct except slow instructions like mul and div need extra cycles) Quickstart A1200/CD32 most compatible now enables this new CE-mode. Some weird sound problems can be noticed, reason unknown..

The first step on the long journey has been taken. \o/
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