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A brief history of chiptunes

Transformative Works and Cultures, Vol 2 (2009)

Chiptune refers to a collection of related music production and performance practices sharing a history with video game soundtracks. The evolution of early chiptune music tells an alternate narrative about the hardware, software, and social practices of personal computing in the 1980s and 1990s. By digging into the interviews, text files, and dispersed ephemera that have made their way to the Web, we identify some of the common folk-historical threads among the commercial, noncommercial, and ambiguously commercial producers of chiptunes with an eye toward the present-day confusion surrounding the term chiptune. Using the language of affordances and constraints, we hope to avoid a technocratic view of the inventive and creative but nevertheless highly technical process of creating music on computer game hardware.

Endless loop: A brief history of chiptunes by Kevin Driscoll and Joshua Diaz

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enjoyed that, a bit wordy in places, but i now want to do chip tunes on my GBA, I knew it was good for something now I know what
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These 'essays' are ten a penny nowadays and posses a million of faults, mis-quotings, errors and complete lack of facts and research. This article just talks to much about fucking videogames. Where's the demoscene?

(by the way, wrong usage of term. Chiptunes were MODs created with small samples as to emulate the sound of chip synthesizers. Music created with the chip synthesizers should be referred to as 'chipmusic'.)

If you really want to read up some good theory about chipmusic, visit Goto80's blog chipflip:


I wish people would properly research once and for all, like what Goto80 is doing. They should shut up otherwise.
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The link http://chipflip.wordpress.org didn't work.

BTW i'm not sure but i think it's 4-Mat / ANARCHY (aka Matthew Simmonds) who's the 1st who use small samples to do those famous "Chip Tunes".
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