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Unhappy R.I.P. Richard Joseph

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Always a damn shame to see one of 'industries' well known names pass away.

I wasn't that familiar with a lot of his work but it was via Cannon Fodder that I remember him most vividly.

Courtesy of remix 64, I came across the actual Cannon Fodder video. Never seen this b4.
[ Show youtube player ]

R.I.P Richard
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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rest well RJ.
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my condolences to his family and friends and the industryhas lost a legend

Rest In Peace
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Lesser Talent
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So it is true!

I think the biggest tribute to him is the fact that 20 years on we're still admiring the guy's work, and still getting as much out of it as we did back then.

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Old 05 March 2007, 13:00   #6
CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Thanks for being able to talk with you, for the few mails we have sent each other, and for the personal pictures you shared with me. I'll kept all preciously the things i have of you.

Farewell my friend, rest in peace in God heaven, and thanks for everything you shared with us.

From Baron Fortesque in chaos engine

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Very sad news.
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This is depressing, I've begun to take real liking into his works a I just discovered them recently
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Distressful event (also the chemo torture he had to go through in the past).
Yet you all do know that in 9 out of 10 cases, lung cancer comes from over-consumption of tobacco!
So people who do this do know what risk they take.

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Old 05 March 2007, 20:55   #10
The Sacred Armour Of
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Lovely friendly chap whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a C64 show in Brighton a few years back. That and he did the music for the game of my name.
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Old 05 March 2007, 20:57   #11
Gets there in the end...

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I really enjoyed his music and he made a lasting impression on me. RIP dude.
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Into the Wonderful

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I'm shocked to hear this news. First I heard about it was this thread.

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That is sad news. I always like his music. He posted on eab from time to time.
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We will never forget you Richard. I think I will listen to the cannon fodder home and away map tune in the next days. That was one of my favourite of him.


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Old 05 March 2007, 22:13   #15
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I am extremely saddened by this tragic news.Along with Chris Huelsbeck , Richard Joseph was the soul driving force behind how my music shaped itself over the years.It was mostly Richard's Amiga work that i listened to and i found it to be more proffesional than others Amiga songs - more polish and a greater understanding of tune and structure.You can't pick up bad habbits from listening to these great pieces.Part of who i am as a person is because of his talent and it really deeply upsets me that i never got to meet this great guy.I'd tell him how much of a star i thought he was and how proud he should be at how his music will always be warmly remembered.Sounded like a great person and i hope he got to do most of what he had planned in life.Thinking of you dude.

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Joe Maroni

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rest in peace Richard...
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Going nowhere

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What a loss, I was hoping this was a sick joke, but alas its not.

I'm lost for words.
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Rest in Peace, Richard, and thanks for all the great tunes.
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Still an Amiga user
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So sorry to read this very sad news.

Long live Richards Music!!
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Old 06 March 2007, 01:35   #20
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Very sad indeed..
One of the greatest musicians of all time, his tunes will remain forever in my heart (and my playlist)
Love ya mate. RIP.

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