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AGA Mode 640x200 (or also 640x256)

Hey guys,
just a little problem showing a picture in Blitz mode (coplist display).

I just want to show an image which is 640x200x256.
So the display mode should be AGA, hires, no interlace.
and it nearly works, but I can't get the colors right - the Palette is messed up.


;create bitmap 0
BitMap      0,640,256,8

;normal 640x200x256 aga picture
;looks fine in dopus and dpaint

LoadBitMap  0,filen$,0
;load file to bitmap 0 and palette 0


;define display
flgs.w = $10000+ $1000+$100+8;
;in my understanding:
;$10000 aga colors
;$1000 fetch mode 1, needed because of hires
;$100 hires (640 wide)
;8 bitplanes

InitCopList     0, 44,256,flgs, 8,  256, 0
;               cl y  h   type  spr cols cust

;DisplayControls 0, 4,$0c00, $00  ;experimental, didnt help

DisplayBitMap   0,0
DisplayPalette  0,0  ;use palette 0 at coplist 0

CreateDisplay   0    ;show it


The picture is displayed, but the palette colors are messed up.
It's like half of the colors are ok and the other half is completely wrong.
Do I need DisplayControls to make changes to the palette - or where's the bug here?


PS: i've already read the thread AGA Mode 640 x 400.
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I think flgs needs to be long since it exceeds 16 bits.
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Hah! That was it! Thanks a lot!!
Picture shows up perfectly now.

What a stupid mistake - such a classical "bug". If you assume the problem to be in a or b you won't even take a look at c.
And I went as far as playing around with "DisplayControls"
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