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Somebody bring this very talented person back, very inspiring.

https://androidarts.com/Amiga/AmigaPixels.htm (and other links on his site)
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Yeah, his page is a trove of beautiful projects, I admire his spectrum of inquiries: code, modding, graphic, illustration, DIY...
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Hobby/Indie gamedev

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Oh, I have a thread here?

Nothing new to report on the Amiga front, except for a Giana pixel-over, no palette change. (2017)
It's already on the page though. I wanted to use the original palette.

And some cleanup on my Workbench project. (2018)
I'm thinking... The Amiga should've had a 1 byte per pixel mode from the start. It would've been a bit heavy in 1985 but helped immensely later on in the 90s. And nibble mode (16 colours), perhaps combined with a tile+scroll mode for easier game making.

I managed to get this to run at 30fps in AMOS/1200 (Actually not this screen exactly, but a generic 4 directional scroll)... compiling does not speed it up, so I'm guess the bottleneck is DMA something... which is why I would've liked a 16 colour tile mode on the Amiga to help hobbyists. Note the fancy & subtle copper effect used on rock sediments. 16 colours.

I did a little sprite editor but can't find screens of that on this computer >_<

No progress on Gosub Invaders unfortunately. Just too many irons in the fire. Plus it's all Gosubs and grew into a mess. Who would've thought?

The Elite Frontier project was worked upon and I did a cockpit for Elite 1, and dumped some of the meshes from various Elite ports.

Also worked a bit on my Wing Commander project and that's somewhat Amiga related. The ships were actually rendered on an Amiga by a Mary Bellis. It ran ok on my A1200 but some might prefer the VGA version.

I also "retrobrighted" both my A500 and A1200. (2017)

Lastly, I've been having a lot of fun with microcontrollers. One of my early projects was writing a driver for my Amiga Tank Mouse and interfacing it with a 2 axis servo laser turret I cobbled together. (2017)
[ Show youtube player ]

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Eleventh Hour Games

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I'm just gonna give this a bump.

I have been a fan of Arne's for a good long while now and have been hoping to finally see some of those delicious pixels in a game. I just found this thread completely by accident and have to say, it looks amazing.

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