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Originally Posted by apex View Post
Emulator tools? Indivision is hardware and the scanlines make the picture looking like on my old 1084.
I have an old 1084, as well as a 1438 and a big Nokia multisync. If they have scanlines, that's because they're made that way.
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What do we think about scanlines and having them on flatscreens?

I do not really understand your problem with scanline "emulation". Nice that you have old monitors and yes they are made to have scanlines, but Amiga games and demos are also made to look better with scanlines, independent from the monitor you use.

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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My personal thoughts on Scan Lines -
"Scan-lines are a relic of imperfect technology"
Personally, and I may get some hate for this, I generally put those that need scan lines in the same place as those strange audiophiles out there. If I am able to count scan lines then clearly either I am using such a low-resolution monitor or I am sitting close enough to become both sterile and the next mutant threat from all the X-Rays!

Simply put - if you "like" scan lines then I suggest going back to a low-resolution monitor - don't introduce your friends to this "fetish" on digital display panels.

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Without scanlines playing MAME it just looks like something is not right, somewhat bland and blocky. With scanlines enabled, I suddenly recognize again the "softened" looks of a game, as I was watching for many years in the 80s and 90s.
So it's not fetish as such, just doing "perfect emulation", visually speaking.
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Totally agree dirkies, scanlines break up the blockiness
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But it's not only scanlines, you have to reproduce the natural unsharpness of the old CRTs in emulation too. Looks great with HLSL shader in Mame.

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Well, the BenQ BL 702A will give a certain unsharpness when connected directly to RGB, when Phase and Pixel clock are finetuned and sharpness is at the default level 1 in the monitors settings. At the same time it has a very nice picture. And of course smooth in scrolling. But of course not scanlines. But this screen when connected as described here and with these settings dont really need scanlines.

However, any flatscreen, including BenQ BL 702A connected to Indy ECS or AGA MK2 will be too sharp, even at the same lvl 1 sharpness. So it will then need scanlines to look good. If I have my BL 702A connected to RGB and turn the sharpness up to lvl 2 it will show the same type of too sharp and blocky picture as when connected to scandoubler with sharpness lvl 1.
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So is there any solution to getting scanlines on flatscreen connected directly to Amigas RGB without using scandoubler?
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I use CRT TV, but when emulating (not only amiga, but anything) I don't use scanlines.
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I am with Zetro on this one. After all it's only an effect of the screen and not the actual graphics hardware driving it.
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Fact is that both the BenQ BL 702A and BL 912 shows the RGB picture perfectly. And what I find unique about these monitors are that you can adjust the sharpness level. When you set them near minimum sharpness the games looks so nice. Not pixelated like a regular LCD connected to a scandoubler or PC emulation. But I would still like to have the option for scanlines on the native 15KHz RGB signal.

I have a 14 inch CRT TV which is a nice one with scart. But I find the BenQ monitors mentioned above to be superior.
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