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Originally Posted by White View Post
@ Hi Amifan23,
what hardware do you use to emulate RunInUAE?
What do you use UAE X1000 or UAE-SDL?
What version do you use?
thank you.
It doesn't matter. Even with an X5000 I haven't noticed any differences between UAE X1000 and UAE. This does not mean there won't be any differences with an AmigaOne 1000. However, UAE that comes with original release of RunInUAE is a lot slower, because SDL isn't part of it. I've also used both with WinUAE running AmigaOS 4.1.1. Not any differences I experienced and I spent a lot of time tweaking config files and OS settings.

RunInUAE is NOT an emulator. It is a Font End program that communicates with E-UAE OR modifies the config file for you which is why to prompts you that changes won't be noticed until UAE is run next time. RunInUAE also does not emulate UAE. It only passes commands like Floppy information, and modifies Config files...nothing more, nothing less. If you rename UAE and run RunInUAE you will notice it'll prompt that UAE isn't there.

Front End programs handle and execute programs in the background, typically the user doesn't see or notice it.
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Originally Posted by White View Post
Hi Amifan23,
WinUAE 3.6.1 and the program you use to emulate os amiga with windows.
UAE is the executable to run programs written for 68k with 4.1 through RunInUae.
There are two executables UAE (sdl) and UAE-X1000 to emulate the 68k under 4.1

UAE (sdl) works in full screen
UAE-X1000 at the moment only in the window, at least for me.
Then you're not using SDL version or you don't have the conig set right. UAE X1000 and UAE both use fullscreen because of my config.

Also, a lot of old Kickstart 1.3 floppy games as well as WHDLoad installed won't run at correct speeds with JIT on. Also, set CPU as real. Or there will be some funky sound problems and other glitches. Pinball Fantasies ECS runs funky otherwise, as well as some others. This will mean the Emulation will be a lot slower but it'll be "accurate".
It also doesn't matter if you're using OS 3.1, to 3.9, it's going to be slower at booting. If you're playing new games for 68040+ then JIT on and CPU max speed are typically fine.

Here's a bug note: Using 68040 in config instead of 68000 with Kickstart 1.3 will get a slight boost in speed, and the 1.3 Boot Screen won't show. But all functions well. HEH! All of this is with my X5000, NOT WinUAE.
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I have 32GB HardFile with a lot of partitions. It's a clone of my CompactFlash which is an addon to my Hard Drives back in the days... This allows having OS 3.1, 3.5, 3.9, and 4.1 installed...and switchable. Also plenty of room for archives, music (Mods/Meds (Rush, MetallicA, and much more), MP3s, MP4s...) and games. As I did back in the days..
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Hi, I read very carefully what you wrote.
Thanks for the explanations, this helps me to understand things better.
I understood that UAE runs everything and RunInUae and a front end
But your explanations help me understand how it works.
Using only winUAE I can assure you that at the moment X1000 is much faster but it does not go to full screen.
But your explanation helps me to better understand the functioning of the JIT and the CPU.
Thank you.
It would be a great help for me to have an example configuration file even generic and to do various tests.
Although each game has its own configuration, it would help me, such as audio, used channels and frequency.

Thanks again for your explanations.

For example, you can suggest me how the programs written for the 68k can always be installed if this is possible.
Although this will lead to crashes and malfunctions with winUAE

Thanks this helps me to understand the operation of 4.1.1
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here is the configuration file .uaerc_RunInUAE

# UAE config for RunInUAE, which is designed to modify an existing working UAE config

# Use 3.1 Kickstart for Workbench, but allow Kickstart
kickstart_rom_file = kick3.1.rom

# Emulate an A1200, but still allow A500 emulation for ADF-booted games
ppc.use_tbc = yes
cpu_type = 68040
cpu_speed = max
chipmem_size = 4
gfxcard_size = 4

chipset = aga
# = None collision_level

# Emulate an expanded A1200 with 8MB of Fast Ram!
fastmem_size = 8

# Set frame skipping (1 = show all frames, 2 = show every 2nd frame, 3 = show every 3rd frame, etc)
# Gfx_framerate = 2

# Add floppy disk which can be used for saving games
floppy0 = PROGDIR: SaveGames.adf

# Filesystem settings for virtual devices
filesystem2 = rw, DH0: Workbench: Sys: Emulation / RunInUAE / WB31,1
filesystem2 = rw, DH0: Workbench: Sys: Emulation / RunInUAE / WB31,1
filesystem2 = rw, Amiga_: Amiga: Amiga: - 1

sound_output = exact
sound_channels = Stereo
sound_stereo_separation = 7
sound_stereo_mixing_delay = 0
sound_frequency = 11025
sound_interpol = none
sound_adjust = 0
sound_volume = 0
sound_latency = 100
filesystem2 = rw, RAM Disk2_: RAM Disk2: RAM Disk:, - 1

and here for example BreathlessAGA.uaerc_RunInUAE

floppy_speed = 800
cachesize = 8192
gfx_width_windowed = 640 <------- even when the resolution is lowered, the black screen remains
gfx_height_windowed = 512 <------ same as above
gfx_lores = false
gfx_correct_aspect = yes
gfx_linemode = double
gfx_framerate = 2
amiga.screen_type = public <------ I did not quite understand if it affects the screen
gfx_fullscreen_amiga = false <----- selecting, "true" remains the black screen
joyport0 = kbd3
collision_level = none
#RUNINUAE: SCREENMODE = ScreenMode_HiRes.prefs

Thanks again for any suggestions!

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I found this site:

Obviously I do not have an X5000, but this was what I needed, unfortunately the documents are not easily found, this will help me a lot.
I like to try.
Thanks for every suggestion and advice.
I hope the post is not out of place, if and so I apologize.
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Hi, I hardly had time this weekend but today I tried the hardfile and configuration that you attached and with success, I could manage to install OS 4.1 on one partition and have another empty one named Work for adding software, this is an improvement !

My monitor is 1366x768 and the only Picasso screen mode that was comfortable for my eyes was 1024x768 - Picasso doesn´t include 1366x768 mode, so now I would have to add UAEgfx and configurate internet software -

Let´s see if I can add UAEgfx to monitors so as to be able to choose 1366x768 screen mode - As for now thanks to you and @AMIGASYSTEM for the help and I will keep you updated about my progress during the week, have a nice time !

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Hi, do some tests, your goal was to install 4.1.
Now that you have a base you can do whatever you want.
Follow the guide in .pdf
In half an hour you will have done everything.
My advice now, is to install UAEGFX without using PICASSOIV
already from the beginning of the installation.
There is a section on the EAB site which is called support APP you can ask in that section.
I'm glad you installed 4.1
Time is precious.
When you want to continue, ask.
You have to see if your CPU is fast enough to make everything work.
It took me some time to figure out how to make all the software work, as I told you if you follow the guide in .pdf you will save a lot of time and everything will work fine.
Watch also with videos to better understand the steps.
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I apologize if I go back to talking about "Petunia"
I've never had a ppc hardware for Amiga and no hardware for 4.1
So I have little knowledge about how to use it.
I have configured AfaOS with the ppc and everything works.
But the configuration I use with winUAE is different.

Returning to 4.1.1
I would like to understand how to use it with 4.1.1
NetSurf 68k starts but only opens some sites and tells me that it can not solve the host.
If someone has experience on this I would like to understand the mechanisms if possible, I do not look for a guide and the questions to be done step by step.
But only some reference sites, or some advice.
I leave a screenshot, to understand what the JIT included in 4.1.1 is for, where it is written that it works with the classic boot.

Thank you and sorry again but if I do not ask, I do not learn.

Thanks again.
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>Could you explain the concept of how to use a 68k application?

Double-click on it from Workbench, or type its name from CLI. That is what is meant by "transparent": Petunia is invisible to the user, by allowing 68K apps to be run in exactly the same manner (as far as the user is concerned) as PPC apps.

>I tried to use netsurf 68k directly on 4.1 and it works, and asks me to choose what resolution and screen I want to use, then after a while it freezes.

Presumably there is some bug in NetSurf causing it, I can't really say as I don't use NetSurf. Generally you will have better results (certainly as far as performance goes, and often compatibility) running the OS4 version of a program if one is available.

RunInUAE is not really something I use either, maybe someone else can give you instructions for how to use that one.
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@Hi Minuous,
Thank you for your answer.
I think I'm on the right track, but surely as you say, I would probably need users who use it.
From what I understand, but maybe I'm wrong there are two versions of the workbench a "fake" and the other that serves to launch the games.
As I said maybe I'm wrong, but I tried to start AfaOS directly replacing the directory WB31, just to see if it worked.
In reality, the insufficient memory that asked me works apart.
But I usually do tests on difficult things.
At this point replacing the WB31 with any Workbench should work.
I noticed that the "Fake" version does not have uaegfx picassoIV installed.
I would need to understand, and then I follow your advice I wait for other advice, how do I exploit uaegfx with UAEX1000 because I'm not understanding if UAEGFX is really exploited.
But I think so.
I would need to better understand these steps.
And how to configure the UAEX1000 script because replacing WB31 I get this error:
EXCEPTION: "EMU"; cHostFile.open (); filePath is invalid
So I have to understand these steps.
Sorry for the answer a bit 'long.
I would have other things to say, I hope AC/DC HACKER! can help me with advice.
Now I work on the WB31 folder by installing picasso96 with UAEGFX and everything else.

Thanks again for your answer, you have been very kind.
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Originally Posted by White View Post
Using only winUAE I can assure you that at the moment X1000 is much faster but it does not go to full screen.
I run X1000 UAE-SDL fine in Fullscreen. Well, slower..fine, but I mean it does run in full screen.

For WinUAE 3.6.1 I haven't installed RunInUAE again, yet. So I don't use it.

---My Current WinUAE OS 4.1 UAE-SDL Not using RunInUAE Config.--
# Example UAE configuration
# Lines beginning with a '#' are comments

# bsdsocket_emu=true

# Path to file containing Kickstart ROM image
# kickstart_rom_file=kick1.3.rom
# sdl.map_raw_keys=true

# If you have an encrypted ROM image from Amiga forever,
# this is a path to the key file
# kickstart_key_file=rom.key

# Default path where floppy disk images may be found
# amiga.floppy_path=PROGDIR:Floppies

#Show status LEDs on emulator screen

# Enable floppy drives 2 & 3


# Speed of floppy drives; 100 is normal speed (most compatible), 800 is fastest speed (least compatible)

# Joystick port emulation; none, mouse, joy0, joy1, kbd1, kbd2, kbd3

# CPU type to emulate

#Add Zorro 3 RAM in MB (Megabytes)

# Amount of chip memory to emulate
# in multiples of 512K. Thus chipmem=4 is 2MB 16=max

# CPU compatibility (true is slower)
# CPU emulation speed
# real = approx A500 speed. max = CPU emulation will run as fast as it can

# To enable JIT.. (DO NOT USE WITH WinUAE, JIT is NOT Supported with Emulated PPC.
# cachesize=10240
# cachesize=8192
# cachesize=15360

# Amiga chipset to emulate
# Can be ocs, ecs or aga

# Check  immediate_blits=false
# Collision detection; none, sprites, playfields, full

# Chec2 blitter_cycle_exact=false
# comp_constjump=yes
# Buggy
# comp_trustbyte=indirect
# End buggy
# comp_trustword=indirect
# comp_trustlong=indirect

# Amount of fast memory to emulate in MB

# Sound output; none, interrupts, normal, exact
## sound_output=exact

# Sound channels; mono, stereo, mixed
## sound_channels=stereo

# Frequency of emulated sound output in Hz
## sound_frequency=44100

## sound_latency=120

# Don't dither
# amiga.use_dither=false

# Set frame skipping (1=show all frames, 2=show every 2nd frame, 3=show every 3rd frame, etc)
# gfx_framerate=1

# Display settings
# gfx_width_windowed=640
# gfx_width_windowed=980
# gfx_height_windowed=480
# gfx_height_windowed=600
# gfx_width_fullscreen=360
# gfx_height_fullscreen=284
# gfx_correct_aspect=false
# gfx_center_horizontal=smart
# gfx_center_vertical=smart
# gfx_fullscreen_picasso=true (Old Setting for older E-UAE.)

# Miscellaneous
# use_debugger=no
# ppc.use_tbc=false

# Full floppy drive noises

# Additional settings
#DISABLED: floppy0sound=1

# Filesystem settings for virtual devices
# filesystem2=rw,DH0:Workbench:Sys:Emulation/RunInUAE/WB31,-2

# hardfile2=My Hardfile stuff is edited from public view.  Hehe.
Hardfiles should be setup like this though:


For Internet access I use BSDSocket from WinUAE with OS 3.1 to 3.9, or MiamiDX since I bought a key long ago, he was pretty cool, Met him in person at AmiWest. Anyway, otherwise I use the emulated X-Surf 100 Z3 since Toni got it functional what was needed. I don't use NetSurf. E-UAE doesn't have a functional BDSSocket, so don't attempt Net access with it.

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Thank you, for your examples, and your explanations.
The configuration file you indicated will help me a lot.
The configuration of paths for hd is very important.
Thanks again, but I understand that using winUAE results are unpredictable.
Using UAE-SDL with winUAE the 4.1.1 system crashes.
Using the X1000 version everything works, I can use the full screen using CTRL + ALT and after S this allows me to choose the resolution.
Even with the "ask" command I get the same result but it does not always work with all the games, while with the combination of keys it always works.

Thank you for your patience and your explanations.

For me they are important for the configuration of UAE
Now I have the basics to continue.

Thank you!
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Ok I managed to configure the UAE-SDL version the performance is lower compared to the X1000 version on winUAE
One thing I do not understand about UAE-X1000, and that any resolution I choose, does not seem to have any effect on the framerate, it remains constant even when lowering the resolution or increasing it.
The performance of The killing ground 3d II does not increase.
But this is not important, I added a small option to use on 4.1.1
All games seem to work well.

And of this I'm happy :-)

I have done other tests on other things programs etc. but at the moment they are not important.

I would like to understand why using the UAE-X1000 any chosen resolution has no impact on performance.

When I finish I'll do a little guide in the support app section, for those interested.
Thank you, for all suggestions!

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I don't have any patience, I never have. I'm all about living in the moment, calmly, and being very aware of it. :-)

Again, and this is why running UAE in WinUAE via OS 4.1(.1) doesn't make much sense is because you're either going to need a much faster machine, or find some way to squeeze more speed from it. I have a pretty fast machine and overclocked it to 3.44GHz which is a lot faster than I usually run it. It helped some, with the Batman V--demo I ran, but still...there are slowdowns.

I suggest playing games through WinUAE itself. An Obsession can make your mind go nuts. It's good to let some of them go. Hehe. Put more of your current focus into helping Toni improve WinUAE - but without attempting to make a hidden agenda to make it emulate UAE-SDL better. :-)

Simply, you're noticing a bottleneck in emulations as well as UAE-SDL still having several bugs as it has not been updated in a long time. There are some games that do not function totally correctly with it, even with my X5000. So, you are not going to be able to account for everything and fixing/updating WinUAE isn't going to fix UAE-SDL's challenges.

Understand? Obsession is good for some things, not so great for others...and those others will bog the mind and cause further personal problems. With this information, White, I suggest moving on. Tisn't worth a guide either, but..that's your call.
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Thanks for the advice and your suggestions I appreciate them a lot.
I had not used AmigaOS 3.xx for 20 years
The last version I used was winUAE 0.8xx :-)
With this I used again 3.1 :-)
Obviously there was no 040 060 etc.

A few years ago I bought AmigaForever with the 4.1 included with the advertising that could emulate amigaos 4.1 but this is in fact not 100% true

But I realized that in fact once installed it was not usable.
The documentation and support on most forums for this emulation and practically nothing.
At that point I tried to make the system work in small steps.
Asking around, I improved the emulation thanks to the new software released recently to see the videos and so on.
This has greatly improved the experience of 4.1.1
I am satisfied with all this, there is a "void" that can not be overcome and I am aware of it.
But I enjoy it :-)
And this thanks to Toni for his extraordinary work.
So if someone is "crazy" like me, he will find guides to make the 4.1.1 work fine :-)
The guides work if you follow all the steps.
Having purchased the 4.1 with AmigaForever I try to use it, UAE-SDL or UAE-X1000 and maybe something absurd to do having available at winUAE where everything works.
But for me it completes the 4.1.1 also with its limits.
Thanks for understanding.
EAB together with Amigans.net represent a point of reference for me.
But I realize that few people use 4.1.1 in emulation.

I asked and many people gave me very useful advice.
Thanks again!
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Dear White,

It's not really whether a lot of people run OS 4.x or not, there are actually many that do..which I am 1. What most aren't doing is attempting to emulate UAE within WinUAE. It's highly redundant except to notice a problem or....satisfy a curiosity. Which it did for me, and you're doing the same but taking it much further.

Crazy is a mindset. If you choose to continue to find all the nooks and stuff, and you have great delight in doing so, then....go for it. That's all I meant. I just won't delve deeper into UAE SDL through emulation.

I don't have AmigaForever, but I'm pretty sure you might have misunderstood the docs. It also depends on your current hardware using to run WinUAE. Even if AmigaOS 4 runs slowly BUT IT Runs...they are correct that it Does Run. I haven't read the docs, so I don't know the verbiage.

Profuse thanks isn't needed with me. I tend to ignore it after the first few times. Smiling. We're all (most of us anyway..) are all Amiga Lovers, and we come in many forms. Haaaahaaa.
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Amigaforever is a commercial product.
then ready to be used.
It would be nice to expand the part of 4.1.1 for those who buy both products.
So AmigaOS 4.1.1 with Amigaforever, with some scripts to improve the experience
of their product.
Personally I paid the two copies over 50 euros.
It would be nice to have more extensive support, but this is a separate topic.

"In this case I speak as a customer"
Mine is a constructive speech it would be important to make the product more complete
with a series of improvements like a script that installs you the additional software to make the experience more enjoyable.

Aros, for example, from the point of view of the software available, is complete.
You can browse and do other things once the dvd-live is installed.

This is about providing a quality product and attracting new customers with a more complete experience.
Maybe it's me that I want too much, but personally the product should be improved.
I would have been happy to buy the new version with a support extended to all this.
Without reading pages and pages in the forums, to add software to have fun.
And then insert guides that help you understand how to do it yourself.
But we all know the story of Amiga's hardware, etc.

Without winUAE this would not be possible.
I understand that there are other important things in life :-)
But personally I would try to offer a more complete product with better assistance.
Even for the 3.xx versions it would be nice to extend the software available.
And since there are several versions to buy, I would also include this type of version with an even higher price.

Over time I have been able to deal with various things quality and important
And even if winUAE is a "pastime", these things make the difference.

Then in the world there are people who appreciate some things and others who do not understand them.
But this is another story ...
I like being polite, and kind to people who know how to appreciate all this.
Who does not appreciate this, I ignore it is simple.

Toni does an extraordinary job, as well as other people who look for bugs and report them and try to improve this software with their experience.
This takes time for all those who participate in all this.

What struck me was your appreciation when you said:
"It does not matter if you can not donate to Toni's work right now."
But I made a definite choice in my life, even if this leads to a less comfortable life.
But life is a blink of an eye with whoever you love!

So once again I salute you and wish you a good day!
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