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Basic video display bug

It's been a while since i've tried WinUAE so couldn't say when this bug crept in, however i don't recall encountering it before on my current system.

The problem is that WinUAE falsely assumes that my desktop size is limited to my screen size, and so forces its perfectly-good window mode to close and fall back to a full-screen mode that i do not want.

However my desktop spans multiple monitors (six of them, using two triplehead adapters), so i have a 4K desktop that is more than large enough to run WinUAE in a large borderless window spanning all screens.

This is how i always ran it in the past.

It's how i run all my games and other software.

WinUAE, it seems, is unique in making this fallacious assumption, and forcing an unwanted full-screen mode instead of just using the perfectly adequate window size it's been told to use.

It initially opens in that window, everything seems fine, but then that stupid message pops up saying "the window's too big for the desktop, switching to full screen mode, OK?"

It's not 'OK', i do not consent, but there's no option to cancel that requester, clicking the 'X' in the corner of its window has no effect... no matter what you do, it just dumbly insists upon closing the window and switching to a default full-screen resolution using just 1/6th of the total screen area it should be filling.

Is there some way to override this infuriating behaviour - i honestly think i can select my own window size without WinUAE second guessing my intentions!?
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Toni Wilen
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It was forgotten really obsolete feature from windows 9x days. Removed now.

(and don't be so annoying)
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