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The Things Games Make You Do

Today whilst beginning Zelda The Wind Waker I was reduced to crawling around the dirt trying to catch a wild pig for a woman I had never meet.

This got me thinking about the levels to which games have reduced me. What have you done that you would have baulked at in the real world? I know it troubles you all; that hidiously putrid dip into that cess pit of sin.

An Amiga 'gem':

Wizkid: blowing up a Condom in a men's toilets. Does anybody want to claim a real life 'bagsies' on this?
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Simply playing bubble bobble for too long. How did I know it was "too long"? Well, I only realised when I had the urge to (which I submitted to ) jump around and on objects around the house after a particular heavy session...

Damn that game
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The Things Games Made Me Do (That I wouldn't do in real life):

Lemmings - they're only bloody animals for christ's sake ! Their fault if they wanna jump of a cliff, I wouldn't be saving them. Bet they taste quite nice BBQ'd anyhow.

Alien Breed - i'd have wet my pants and hid in one of the cupboards!

Rainbow Islands - I'd have quit my mission after firing the first rainbow and not finding a pot of gold at the end of it.

Sensible Soccer - I wouldn't bother getting changed to play just 6 minutes of football !

Xenon II - I wouldn't have dealt with a shopkeeper as rude as that guy.

Chase HQ - I wouldn't have turned my siren on (and thus alerting the drug runner that I was chasing him). I would have driven past him quietly, set up one of those tyre-deflating trap things and sat at the side of the road with a flask of tea!

Championship Manager - I wouldn't want to keep Manchester United in the Premier League !
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I like hats
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Well, flushing all my possessions down the toilet to try and transport them to my friends in Day of the Tentacle...

But the weirdest thing I ever found myself doing in a game was being given three seconds to time it just right to shove two fingers up a revolving nose in Atsumare! Made in Wario... That game is bizarre in the extreme...
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Once I was driving down the motorway looking at the sun, and I wondered whether I should switch the view to 4:3 because the sun didn't seem to be completely round but rather squashed (ie like what a sphere would look like when a 4:3 output is being converted to widescreen).
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Unintentionally urinating on the floor and toilet seat. Shit! No matter, load save!

This was after a night playing Half-Life.

A true story.
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Playing Road Rash all day, and then having to go out in real traffic.... Glad the police wasn't around
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Old 31 May 2004, 15:25   #8
Into the Wonderful
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I have had the same experience playing Carmageddon and GTA games!!

Also, I have played so much Doom, that some times when I feel down, or not so good, I find myself looking 'downwards' to find a status bar to tell me my health. Sad but true!
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Old 31 May 2004, 17:57   #9
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I remember having gotten really into GTA just before I got my first actual driving lesson. I think I pulled it off fairly taken into account of the circumstances.

This thread reminds me of the old video of "How to know when you've been playing Diablo too much" and "Life as a FPS"

Only thing I remember from the diablo one would be "kicking your pets for experience points"
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I do find myself sitting a darkened room listening to loud monotonous electronic music whilst eating pills, but I don't know if this has anything to do with Pacman....
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Old 31 May 2004, 19:51   #11
Got the fever back
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Legends of Valour

This is a perfect story for this thread. It's also 100% true. I've never done anything as ridiculous as this in my life.

Word was out that Legends of Valour was being released that night. I started making the rounds on the BBS's anxiously awaiting the release. You may ask yourself, why? Well, this game was SUPPOSED to be to the amiga what Ultima Underworld was to the PC. If you are a fan of Ultima Underworld than you may be able to understand. Well, then the moment arrived. Skol, I think, sent up Legends of Valour. I immediately start downloading. by the time its finished it's 5am on a cold wintery day in Canada. Download finished, I boot it up and realize its the GERMAN version. Well, what a waste of time. The game LOOKED good at the start. I really wanted to get into it. Unfortunately, I do not know GERMAN. Well, it's now 7:15. Temperature outside is a brisk -38 degrees celsius with the Windchill factored in. I decide since the library is only a half hour walk away and it opens at 8am that I was sure they would have a German-English dictionary. So I walk in the figid cold to this library. I get there and realize I dont have my Library card. I did not have any money with me to get a new one. So after scoping the place out for an hour I pilfer a German to English dictionary. Having had no sleep up to this point I became paranoid and thought I was being trailed on the way home so I took every side street around and got home an hour later. So I load up Legends of Valour and talk to the first person I saw walking around. After spending nearly an hour translating 3 lines of text I threw the dictionary and the disks out the window and went to sleep. The next day I grabbed the English version, played it for an hour, felt the game sucked so bad and was such a disappointment that I threw those disks out the window.

2 weeks later I had a PC and was playing Ultima Underworld. The end.

Just to let everyone know I'm not that crazy anymore. Honest.
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Ultima underworld is a great game. I'd love to see a proper port of it to windows which would allow it to run in a window, maybe a bit of antialiasing too.
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Making Lara Croft crawl around on all fours, and make 'uhhh' noises when she runs into walls. Real women seem to take umbrage when I ask them to replicate this for me.
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Originally Posted by Drake1009
I remember having gotten really into GTA just before I got my first actual driving lesson. I think I pulled it off fairly taken into account of the circumstances.
Hahaha same here!
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Pipboy approved
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I would never arm wrestle a mutant in real life with the downside that if I lost, I would become the mutants bitch for one night and wake up with a rubber ball in my inventory. (Fallout 2)
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