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GCC: compiling ASM with comments ?


I have a C function that I want to optimize
So I used GCC to generate the ASM
gcc -S myfunction.c
But how do I add comments to the ASM source generated in myfunction.s ?
I have tried

All give errors ...

So what is the syntax for GCC assembler for comments ?
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Comments are removed by the preprocessor, so the C compiler that emits the assembly code never even sees them.

EDIT: Inline assembly might work:

int foo(int x)
  /* hello c */
  asm("/* hello asm */");
  return x + 42;

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but Inline assembly will not change the problem

>so the C compiler
This is not C the problem

I have an ASM listing in myfunction.s
And I want to modify this ASM (I can) but also manually add comments to make it more readable
But I dont know the syntax for GCC assembly comments ... as I want to compile the whole project with GCC
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Apparently the comment syntax is target specific. Have you tried the pipe symbol ("|")?
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I see, I understood it like you wanted to have the comments from your C code retained along with the generated assembly.

/* comment */ should work in assembly as well [1]. The single line comments are architecture specific, and M68K defaults to '|' [2].
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For a standard M68K assembler the source code a comment line must start with a #<space>. A source line starting with #<text> may be identified as an assembler directive instead of being a comment line.
A | within the line and outside of quotes will comment out the rest of the line.

Note - GCC normally generates machine code object modules directly. When you specify generate assembly code instead for the specified target architecture, GCC should generate source code for same architecture for the GNU binutils assembler 'as' to assemble for that same platform.

'as' expects comments to either start with '/*' and end with '*/' or be single whole line comments that start with a line comment character that is 'as' target specific. For 'as', a M68K source line starting with a '*' is a comment line while a line starting with a '#' may be also be a comment line or special line (see https://sourceware.org/binutils/docs...M68K_002dChars)

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The pipe character as Ajk already said works for me.

(e.g https://github.com/alexalkis/dl/blob...src/astartup.S )
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Thanks to all for your help
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