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That's good going! I'd say 90% of my floppy disks (boxed games and apps, and copied disks) have not survived bitrot or fungus such a shame, should have stored them better
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yeah I lost a few original boxes (including Psygnosis' Awesome ) to actual fungus a way back. I was precious about my disks though!
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Originally Posted by myk View Post
I finally got a monitor for my Amiga as it's been about 7 years since I had a display that could handle composite output (ew!).

The Benq BL702A looked to be recommended so went for one of those. It works great with Workbench, albeit some banding and moire patterns, but I didn't expect it to handle games which is a pleasant surprise. Of the disks I still have and tried so far, Turricans 1 and 2, and Stardust have survived 25+ years of bitrot.
Nice.. I see some good images of this monitor connected to an amiga on google. If you get some time can you share some photos of how it looks?

What type of connection do you need to plug an amiga into this monitor?
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A JiffyDos from Retro Innovations.

I didn't want to make any hole in my C64's, but a couple of weeks ago I taked the "ugly" one to make all of the holes and "things" that you don't usually like to make. Well, you know... you want but you ... "shouldn't" if you understand me.

I've also ordered switches, leds, connectors and things like that.

I just think that this will be the C=64 that will give me more fun in return.

Edit: I've bought a switchless kernal switcher on Ebay... I don't like holes if I can avoid them.

Edit: I think that I commented here that I bought a C=128. Well... that was a BAD deal with my wife. It was a bargain and I couldn't let it pass, so I told her that it would be for my birthday. Puff, ahem ahem. Well... it will be in march and come on... the parcel unopened here, beside me

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I got an 8mb ram expansion for my A2000 in a trade.
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The 64JPX adapter. You can safely connect a Mega Drive controller to a C64 and get some nice extras with different presets e.g. a jump button (great for Sam's Journey), 2 different auto-fire modi, left/right wiggle directions mapped on the buttons (Decathlon type games) etc.


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Elder Scrolls Online for PS4!
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Today I received something that I would call a Blue Mauritius in my collection. It is the item, that I had been searching for for ten years and never even spotted its existence anywhere. I would never know it existed if there would not be a picture in HOL and since I have seen it there I wanted it. It is the blue release of Sim City + Populous compilation.

I have many various Populous releases and I think I own all of them ever released. Standalone ones in various boxes, compilations, datadisks, demos and worlds editor. I think I have all those double releases with Sim City - even A1500 one etc. But this one was still missing and no one ever answered in my topics on EAB, Amibay etc. regarding this blue package.

Suddenly it appeared a week ago in Airey's Mall and today I finally have it in my hands. No one can describe how happy I am!!!

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External drive just arrived... really well packed
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for the new PFS3,

for my non-scandoubled amigas

for long evenings.
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Ooh, how is the Blitz Basic book? What sort of stuff does it cover? I saw that it was released in Polish a while ago, didn't realise there was a translated version too.
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I got it today, I will tell you soon.
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Humm... was not aware of this specific thread
5 days ago it's like today, no ?
Arcade joystick for UAE/FS-UAE, post #7, (quick test on post #9)

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