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I used to have 1080 few years ago. Then this year I built a new rig with 1080 Ti, now got the 3070 because I wanted to see what the ray tracing is all about.

It all depends what resolution/fps you want to play modern games in, but I'd still say 1080/1080Ti are pretty good value for 1080p/>60fps or 1440p ~60fps (in older games). Real powerhouses , and now quite cheap because of the flood of new card models.
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Ryzen is pretty capable for emulation

On my 3600X I can emulate a Pentium MMX 200 and Voodoo 3 in PCEM and not experience slowdown unless it's something that pushes the emulation really hard like playing certain video file formats
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Well to add to this debate.. My aging i5 6600k with 2x r9 380 crossfire had started to exhibit problems with usb and one of the r9's literately fell off the board and took the PCI socket off the board with it. no idea how that occurred but hey good excuse to move up.

Availability vs cost was the big issue so after a lot of playing with configs , checking out performance ratings and more important real life opinions I wend for AMD Ryzen 7 370x with RX580 - cpu offers about a 15% increase in single thread and 25% increase in multi thread with 8core 16 threads so lots of nice performance, the RX580 is sweet at 1080 gaming on my 32" Sony with great frame rate on ultra in everything I threw at it so far.

But what really matters is the Emulation side , Winuea is great nothing phases it on this now and OS4.1 fly's noticeably better than before. Other emus run smooth and the system is just overall impressive. It might all be last years stuff but the price was great, it was all in stock and well the 5600 and 3070 might offer a little more headroom I'm not pushing past 1080 as its all the screen offers and the performance gain is not cost effective - plus I'd have been months without a pc , lol - so if your budget is tight, needs modest feel free to follow me - Asus B460 Gaming, MIS RX580OC, Ryzen 7 3700x, 32Gb GSkill 3200 ram -- nice
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