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Remember to remove loose bits of solder or else...

Hi All,

This is what could happen if you don't check your board after soldering. Don't turn it on and walk away from it like i did or this could be you. Fortunately i was able to repair it.

Yes, the hole goes right through the motherboard
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From the looks of it, someone shot an alien on it. =)
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What happened there matey?
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i was actually working on another a600 and i dropped some solder which shorted the supply voltage. It was the wife who noticed it first. The PSU was hot and i thought it was the PSU that was on its way out. It wasn't until i plugged in the mouse that i realised it was the board. both resistors on the top cooked. I salvaged a couple more and relocated them in different areas. Fortunately there are not a lot of components on the underside that were affected so it was pretty easy to salvage.
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Last time I was changing capacitiors on a modern PC board, I checked it after I soldered caps with magnifying glass. I noticed tiny little balls of solder around the traces and one of them was shorting 2 parts, probably ceramic caps or resistors of a size no bigger than a poppy seed grain. So, yes, (double) check everything after soldering and clean it thoroughly with alcohol.... and then check it again. :P Our hardware is too precious.
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There is a term for this Foreign Object Damage (FOD) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_object_damage

We have a number of posters on this @ work, doesn't always stop things happening
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