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Never sold an Amiga, but when I was about 12 years old I bought a Vectrex from a flea market for $2. I was curious about how the thing worked....so I took it apart completely and of course it never went back together again.
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Sold my A1200 in the mid-nineties. Fixed that situation a couple of weeks ago...
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Sold my A3k around -96/7. Started to regret very soon. Had a quite unstable A1200 + Blizzard PPC system in the crappy plastic Micronik Infinitiv tower until -99. Sold that to move to the PC world. Haven't regretted selling that nearly as much as the A3k.

Took me until last year to get another A3k. And this one ain't leaving unless it's over my dead body...
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I binned 4 years worth of Amiga Formats just a year ago because we were moving. I cry out in agony every time I think about it :'-(

Sold my A1200 for 100 quid back in '98...regretted that ever since too.
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No, not selling. I sold an A2000 as I got the A3000 and I do not regret that. It would have been nice to keep it, but I would not have used it much and I got good money for it.

I donated all my Amiga books, including two full set of RKMs and lots of others in a move overseas 3 years ago. Also an A500 donated for charity. Threw lots of Amiga magazines in the paper recycling. I thought I would never use an Amiga again...

I only brought the A3000 and the floppies which had been in storage for long with me. After some surfing on the net, I decided to bring it back up again. Boy do I regret giving all those books away, but things had to go. Now I have managed to find all the documentation I ever need as pdfs, which makes it a lot easier to carry them around. So I have the information at least, though I still regret giving all those RKMs away.

Anyway, I am very happy that I kept the A3000, slowly getting it up to speed again.
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I Sold an Apollo 040 for £70 on ebay. around 2005 at the time I thought that was a good deal.
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I sold a great condition A3000 in early 2001 with keyboard, mouse, and possibly with some extra RAM. It may have even had a GoldenGate 386SX bridgeboard in it, I can't recall if I sold it separately or not.

I either sold it for £125 or £150.

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I remember that the guy who sold me my A1200 (that was back in 1994) bought another one something like two years later.
He regretted selling, I never regretted buying.
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Only Amiga !!

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Originally Posted by eteP View Post
Sold my A3k around -96/7. Started to regret very soon. Had a quite unstable A1200 + Blizzard PPC system in the crappy plastic Micronik Infinitiv tower until -99.
My first Towered Amiga was the Infinitiv Powered by Amiga logo version, I added the BPPC to it. This was in 1998, Anyways in 2000 I removed the BPPC when doing so, I caught the Accelerator on the Infinitiv plastic and damaged the BPPC! It still worked but I had to switch the system on and off, to get it to boot.

So if it wasn't already hard enough to get my BPPC Amiga system to boot, with the known notorious issues, myself and the Infinitiv made it worse!!I removed the BPPC and replaced it with my Blizzard MKIV 030 which I had bought in 1997. I still own the Infinitiv and that Blizzard to this day.

I sold the BPPC on eBay in 2005 as faulty. It was a bid auction starting at 99p it was a 1 week listing and ended at £75 !! Arghhhhhh!!!!!

Crazy thing is, with the knowledge I have now, I could quite easily fix that Accelerator. I paid £480 for card in 1998 and sold it at the worst possible time. I couldn't do without a BPPC despite the difficulties they offer in setting up and getting running etc. So I bought another a few years later and paid way more then £75 and £480 for it!

This along with the A3K story further up this thread, are my biggest Amiga selling / getting rid of regrets.
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