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Doc Mindie
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Episode IV: A New Hope

Well, mayhaps not episode IV, but...

I bought an CF2IDE adapter on Ebay the other day. It arrived today, and I couldn't wait to try it out. Went to Maplins at Manchester Fort and got a 2GB CF-card, got back home and plugged it in.

Wtf.... not recognised in HDToolbox? Hmmm... thinking thinking.... Ahh, I switch the jumper to the other pin-combo.

Yes, there it is, woohoo Install drive, partition... DH0: at 200MB, use the rest for DH1:.... reboot and format DH0:, then install WB3.1.

This works a charm Hmmm.. now... I need the CD to work, if only to get the EasyNet software onto the HD, then I can just assign it there while I install the network...

Things worked. The first time. For now.....

Installed the CD1200 stuff, detects the DVD-drive, install as not mountable on boot (ie, put the CD0 mount file in Storage/dosdrivers instead of Devs:dosdrivers) mount and copy the whole EasyNet CD onto Work (DH1, which is roughly 1.8GB).

Installing the drivers for the network card, check, installing Easynet, seems ok, reboot.

Up in 3 seconds (this got to be the best feature of OS3.1, it's so small and fast, and yet so incredibly easy to configure and add little features to) and start Easynet.... no I can't what the flying.....

Hmm. EAB, they've likely got this question like a gazzillion times before already, I'm sure I can find the answer there. seach for "cf card install".... Aha, set MaxTransfer to 0x1fe00. HDToolbox, partition drive, advanced option... maxtrans... there you are, you little bugger, come here and I'll whip you into submission.


reinstall EasyNet (from assigned drawer on Work partition) Voila, WORKING!!!

Da Doc is no the happy owner of a 2GB CF-card, it seems to be working like it's always been there and that CF-cards were made for the Amiga A1200

Just thought I'ld share this little story, especially seeing as people seem to have huge trouble using the SEARCH function of the boards.

Now, I understand that people are new to the boards and stuff, I've been here since... how long ago? can't remember, but probably since 2003 or even longer ago... anyways, the morale of the story is, EAB has a search function, and it actually WORKS if you are specific enough in waht you're searching for.

Thanks, Doc out
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Alien Breeder
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May the Farce be with you!
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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Thanks, Doc. I've ordered one of these myself and am itching for it to arrive. This info will be invaluable to me getting up and running quickly.

BTW - looks like you joined in Sept 2004
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Doc Mindie
In deep Trouble
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Manchester, Made in Norway
Age: 47
Posts: 834
Oh, thanks, LuMan... just remember, I've got the CD1200 PCMCIA IDE-interface, you may or may not use something else alltogether.

I'll get Episde V: The Intel Strikes Back posted when I have used the Precious a little more.... Seeing as I'm working nightshifts, and playing WoW as well, and trying to get some time in between to read books and eat and sleep and keep me mrs. happy, it might take a little time, though

And you're right, I've been here for 7 years already
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