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Old 05 March 2001, 16:49   #1
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Does anyone know where I could get hold of Might & Magic 1 (English Version)?
Might & Magic 2 was the best RPG on the Amiga and I would like to get hold of Might & Magic for nostalgic reasons.


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Woho, what a hard game to find !
If someone can grab it, we'll be very happy there

Are you sure that this game has been released on Amiga ?
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Old 03 June 2001, 11:49   #3
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I, for one, would like to see that game since I have always contended that it doesn't exist. And I am always open to being proven wrong!
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Oh, it does exist.. It was the first game I saw on display on the amiga back in the little computer shop I used to go to when I was younger. It made me buy the c64 version. Being one of the early games it is very hard to find.
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Old 08 June 2001, 00:55   #5
Karl Stodulski
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Might and Magic: World of Xeen, and the expansion set, Clouds of Xeen.

I'd been hoping against hope that it had come out on the Amiga anyway. However, I haven't seen too much that couldn't have been done on the Amiga. (Apart from the speech perhaps?)

Thanks for the information.

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It could of easily been done on the amiga but by the time of its release New World computing discontinued support for the amiga. I still remember the day I heard companies like origin, interplay and sierra decided to cease production on amiga titles..

Just as I was awaiting Ultima Underworld on the PC.. I bought a PC solely for that game..

As everyone can see, I'm an rpg buff..

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Old 11 October 2001, 10:09   #7
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Question Might and Magic 1

Might & Magic 1

Has anybody ever seen an Amiga copy of this game?

It was released, as I know somebody the other year telephoned the software house concerned and they said that they did not have a copy but it WAS released on the Amiga.
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Old 11 October 2001, 10:32   #8
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Hmmm, I only remember 2 and 3 being released AFAIK .... wasn´t there any name conversion (like 2 on Amiga = 1 on other systems) ??? Dunno really but there are other specialists on this board to clear this up Twistin ? Fred ? Cody ? Anyone ?
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Old 11 October 2001, 11:30   #9
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The first version I ever became aware of on the Amiga was M&MII. Another user (I think on AEN2K) swore up and down that he had a copy and would prove it by uploading the game to the ftp, but this never happened.

In his defense, getting on the ftp's there was quite often more challenging than R-Type 2, but despite this, I don't have it in my database and will believe its existance only when I see it. I have heard the same thing about the first two Ultima games, but I will never believe those were released on the Amiga. I remain cynical about an Amiga version of M&MI...
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Old 29 November 2005, 04:27   #10
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Resurrecting the thread... A friend of mine works w/ Mark Caldwell (New World Computing employee #2) and inquired for me if M&M 1 ever existed for the Amiga. The answer is no.

Here are some more tidbits, Nuclear War was the only NWC game to be programmed on the Amiga first. IIRC, NWC ended up porting a lot of Cinemaware titles to the Amiga.
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Old 29 November 2005, 14:21   #11
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cool resurrection
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there we go, good to have a real answer Demoniac!
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