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I'm going to say something quite silly here. True for me, but still silly. The following then is opinion, not fact

I do not like CIV 2.

There. I've said it. I think CIV 1 is a much better, more fun and streamlined game. CIV 3 is slightly better, but I still don't like it as much as part 1. First part I liked better than CIV 1 for real was part 4.
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Originally Posted by malko View Post
Maybe should give an hearing as I don't know this game.

Translation : "Horizon Chase: World Tour [...] his soundtrack composed by Barry Leitch, composer of soundtracks for games like Top Gear or Lotus Turbo Challenge 2. [...]".
Horizon Chase was made by a brazilian studio. The guys are big fans of Top Gear 2 (the original SNES game, not the awful Amiga port), so they wanted to make a modern racing game that felt like Top Gear.

And in a move I find really amazing for such a small brazilian studio, they managed to snatch Barry Leitch to do the music, since he also did the music for Top Gear. That was an outstand move. I don't know how it did on another places, but around here the game is *Very* popular. Top Gear and Top Gear 2 are very popular games here... I usually say its because people were more exposed to them than to the Lotus series (What with the SNES being a *lot* more known here than the Amiga), and usually who played both games will agree with me....... but Horizon Chase got a lot of coverage around here exactly for being basically a modern Top Gear game.

And it's indeed very fun, great to play.
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In my opinion Gods, Leander and Turrican are some of the finest platformers ever made. Cannon Fodder and The Chaos Engine are still brilliant overhead shooters, there are plenty of oddball games that stand the test of time like Jumping Jackson and Interphase, and Speedball 2 still holds the title for best sports game.
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