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Unhappy Problem executing DOpus5 Arexx Script ...


Yesterday I installed Visage Picture Viewer (Aminet link). As a part of the installation package, it comes with an Arexx script called "Showvisage.dopus5" to allow displaying N pictures selected in a lister using Visage.

I entered the filetype configurator in Opus 5.82 (by pressing Amiga Key + 5) and configured .JPEG filetypes to use the Arexx script for the doubleclick event:

Command type : Arexx script
command : Showvisage.dopus5 {Qp} 0 'DEPTH=8 DITHER=ORDERED MODE= ... '

I must be doing something wrong because images are not displayed when I double click them in a lister ...

From the code inside the Arexx script, usage instructions are as follows :

* Usage: ShowVisage.dopus5 PortName Lister VisageOpts

I've also edited the script config section to specify the exact location of the Visage executable which in my case is = 'SYS:Utilities/Viewers/Visage' but haven't managed to get it working ...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


This is the beginning of the Arexx Script :

/* $VER: ShowVisage.dopus5 1.1 (6.8.9
* Public domain by Magnus Holmgren.
* Shows the files selected in the source listers, by creating a temporary
* file list, and passing this to Visage via the LIST argument. This
* requires Visage 39.15 or better to work.
* Usage: ShowVisage.dopus5 PortName Lister VisageOpts
* PortName : Name of Opus ARexx port.
* Lister : Handle for lister to show files for. Use 0 to display files
* for all current source listers.
* VisageOpts : Any options to pass to Visage.
* Select "Run Asyncronously" if you like...
* Version 1.0:
* Initial release.
* Version 1.1:
* Improved error message if there were no source listers available.
* Can now show files for a certain lister only. Note that you need to
* call the script a bit differently, even if you don't use this
* feature.
* Now makes the current lister busy while processing the entries. The
* script should never leave a disabled lister behind, but...

/* ---- Config section start ---- */

/* Complete path to the Visage executable. */
/* VisagePath = 'Tools:View/Visage' */
VisagePath = 'SYS:Utilities/Viewers/Visage'

/* Path to drawer for the temporary list file. Must end with ':' or '/'. */
TempPath = 'T:'

/* ---- Config section end ---- */

/* Initialize */
Lf = '0a'x
Handle = ''

PARSE ARG Port ' ' ListerHandle ' ' VisageOpts


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Another oldie grabbing. I wouldn`t care about the script because DOpus is already able to view selected files via Visage. Just use something like this:

Tools:Gfx/Viewer/Visage/Visage {F}
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