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Built-in AROS ROM selection problem

Aros KS roms load correctly if you select them in
winuae 2.3 and below..

In 4.0 and above. selecting AROS returns a 1.3 kick rom
no matter what you do...
It is possible to select an adf aros kickrom That works in
all betas

Best regards

For those futher down the ROAD!

Thanks for working it out as your GENIUS
coding moves of (I don't understand..)

Odds are you are and will...

Using an ADF or ROM which is loaded like the Purchased ROM solved it
but it did not explain the difference between version 2 and 4 winuae...

Thanks in advance

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Hope this helps TONY

Trying to load AROS let's say to come up with any quickstart
configuration. It don't matter which...

Double click on winuae
goto Quickstart....

I will pick model a 500 (roms in path under ROM folder)

under Rom you will see 1.3 Rom is default....
OK! now select Aros by going to ROM under hardware:
Pick AROS KS ROM (built in (1024k)
Now hit the start button
You will get the 1.3 Screen come up not AROS telling
you it wants workbench 1.3
Result AROS did not come up.....
Check under rom after hitting F12;;
The 1.3 rom is checked not AROS..
============= (roms not in path under ROM folder)

To do this, Now go to your Winuae dir and rename the
ROM Folder @Roms... or anything

Now repeat the above procedure... Pick AROS under ROM
in hardware section... hit start...
Aros comes up not 1.3 ROM at all asking for bootable media
Quit winuae... use winuae 2.5... 2012.12.02

Click on it to load it up remembering to rename your ROM
Folder to ROMS as before.. AS above pick A500
Under settings in hardware section click on ROM
Select AROS KS ROM (built in (1024k)
Now hit start button and wait...
Aros Screen comes up not 1.3 as defaulted as above in 4.0
Trying other Quickpicks presets does not affect this default...

I hope this clarifies it. Again it is an effect not a bug..
If you don't have ROMs in your path it works fine..

Best Regards
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I don't really understand the problem, but I think you're wrong to set it up.

About AROS 68K (you didn't specify it), on WinUAE it may be that the 2 Roms (aros-rom.bin and aros-ext.bin) are not up to date enough, so it is preferable to use the ROMs on files that you find in all the Nightly Builds

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Toni Wilen
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Moved from beta thread (not 4.2 related)

Do you really mean changing the ROM after emulation has been started? It isn't always going to work and will at least always require hard reset to activate.

EDIT: It is also meant only for booting games without KS ROMs, it is far too old for any other purposes.

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Old 29 March 2019, 01:17   #5
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Thanks for looking into it And a suggestion

Hello and thanks for the time you spent...

I have a suggestion to do with future release of
Winuae that is not AROS related...

Has anyone ever mentioned the notion to include
in your setup or installer the following feature:

Would it or could it be possible? To have winuae
accessible from the logon or login screen in

So that you don't need to go into windows proper to
load it...

If you look at the login screen as it waits for a
password. You will see places you can go to
restart or shut down...so on


It might improve the way Winuae runs without
any garbage showing up. To do with programs
that interfere with winuae but only windows

Certain bugs might disappear.
Winuae could run in a more pure mode
So on


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