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Omega on Amiga


Those day, a bit of nostalgia and then i've installed fs-uae to see again Amiga on my PC screen.

Nothing fancy with me on Amiga, i was just playing games and watching demos in the old days. I've had an Amiga 500, sold it, bought a PC and then sold the PC and bought an Amiga 1200 (still in its box on top of a wardrobe). I've used a lot the A500, but not too much the A1200 and then i switch completely on PC for gaming and work, because i had to earn my life (that happens even to the worst gamer).

Even if i've put the A1200 in its box for a while, i've never totally break the link with the past, but i didn't have enough bravery to install an Amiga emulator. So i've installed it, download an old demo i like a lot (nexus-7 from Andromeda) , and i watched it.

It was cool, but i thought «now what ?». Hum now i'd like to do some 68000 assembly. As may be a sort of revenge on the old days, when i didn't understand anything (i remember being puzzled with # in move. When using # and when not ? And why ? It's just an example, but generally i was completely lost).
So i've registered here, just in case. But as there is a lot of answers on the board, may be i will remain silent.
I've done some x86 assembly on PC, and i think i can manage the 68k. I'm using VASM for cross-compiling and using my beloved Vim with Linux (i know it can be used on Amiga, but i'm not sure the modern flavor are available, and to be honest i'm a bit lazy too).

I'm sure you will forgive my horrible english (if you think it's horrible now, you should have seen me in the Amiga days )
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Welcome to the world of amiga programming.
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Thank you, OmegaMax.

Well when i've chosen my handle, i should have thought «omega» was perhaps not so original after all. For clarity, i can change to something more uncommon for avoiding nick collision

May be omiga (ahem) or omagi (concatenation of two french words : (h)ommage and magi(e) , i hope it not means holycow in Japanese, though). Ok, forget it
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