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Old 29 November 2004, 02:13   #1
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Most satisfying moves in an Amiga game

Well, I was trying to think of a topic we've never had before...
Try to remember the joystick move that gave you more satisfaction in an Amiga game.
I'd go for:

-The gut-punch in Internation Karate +. I love everything about it, the quick move to the bottom left or right, the sound.. everything!

Honourable mentions:

-A low 'aftertouch' shot from the penalty spot in Kick Off 2 that goes underneath the keeper's body.
-Diving very close to the ground in Wings to fire on those damn AA guns.
-Shooting in Rick Dangerous.
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Old 29 November 2004, 03:44   #2
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nice topic alkis! ... making the car slide (like a handbrake turn) in supercars... thats neat... the screaching of the tyres, the sliding car and its even better still when you sneak up a position while you do the move ;D Its really simple just let go of the accelerator (joystick button) while turning... but the timing, especially later on is what counts...
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Old 29 November 2004, 05:16   #3
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-chopping head in pyygnosis' barbarian 2. (I don't like palace one much)
-IK+ effects, already said here
Old 29 November 2004, 06:13   #4
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Arrow Pretty fancy moves, Murphy!

Another World: Running along after escaping the cage, bending down and picking up the gun and while kneeling, blowing away a few baddies! So fluid and the joystick movements are perfect!

Flashback: Doing just about any of the moves - particularly hiding up against a wall then doing a roll and while crouching firing off a few shots - wicked!
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Old 29 November 2004, 12:04   #5
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Nice thread

Throwing the ball up high to the goalie in Speedball 2 then as hes stretched up catching it wade in frantically bashing the fire button to batter him into dropping it

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Old 29 November 2004, 13:45   #6
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Knocking a guy out in Panza Kick Boxing - whatever move you use, it's so satisfying to see him crumple to the floor after smacking him about for ages.

Cannon Fodder - juggling the little enemies about with machine gun fire

Several things in Iron Lord, like winning the arm wrestling contest (a test of real-life speed and strength), getting bullseyes on the archery and killing assasins.

Blowing up loads of men at once with the cannon in North and South.

That'll do for now.
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Old 29 November 2004, 13:55   #7
Workbitch 1.3

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The Panza kickboxing backhand slap to the face was a good one and the Palace Barbarian head chop was class.

Also doing a roll and shooting with a shotgun was good in Persian Gulf Inferno.
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Old 29 November 2004, 14:37   #8
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Not so much a joystick move - more of a mouse move.

Who can forget the "Nuke The Little Bastards" option from the Lemmings games
Old 29 November 2004, 16:58   #9
Oh noes!
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Barbarian was nice.. moonstone even better *swosh* *pop*
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Old 29 November 2004, 20:04   #10
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wrecking the scenery in syndicate

using shotguns, mini guns, flamers etc.
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Old 29 November 2004, 20:11   #11
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banana shots scoring a goal in sensi after the corner kick from a position parallel to the goal out!

sliding in passes and scoring goals in swos!!

flying header goals in swos!!!

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Old 29 November 2004, 20:47   #12
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Originally Posted by dwood
using shotguns, mini guns, flamers etc.
Burning the train!
Old 29 November 2004, 21:46   #13
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Yes definately the Gauss Gun in Syndicate
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Old 30 November 2004, 00:45   #14
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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson
Also doing a roll and shooting with a shotgun was good in Persian Gulf Inferno.
Did anyone ever manage to make out what the hell the guy was shouting?
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Old 30 November 2004, 03:12   #15
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The decap move in Barbarian, didn't like Barbarian II much.

Pretty much all of the sword slices in Moonstone.

The double kick in IK, if you could pull it off.

The powerup where the opposing team were all knocked over in Speedball II.

Taking weaker bots out with the triple lazer robot in Paradroid 90.

The roundhouse kick in Full Contact.

Techno's throw in Body Blows Galactic.
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Old 30 November 2004, 15:53   #16
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Every single keyboard move in Gravity Force (the original by Stephan Wenzler of Kingsoft). The keys he chose to control the ship are soo perfect, a million times better than joystick control.

(Actually, one of the keyboard layouts in WinUAE works splendidly.)
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Old 30 November 2004, 21:48   #17
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the rolling move in GoldenAxe. Many ppl prefers it with the dwarf, I prefer it with the amazon. Shes prettier and have more magic-powers.

My most effective movement is release three rainbows (or four if Im lucky) and in a milisecond jump very fastly and break the rainbows in RainbowIslands killing all what is below me.
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Old 30 November 2004, 21:55   #18
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1) Blanka's electric shock in Street Fighter
2) All machinegun activity in Walker
3) The headbutt to the back of the head in IK+
4) The circular flamethrower sweep in Midnight Resistance
5) Bullseye hit with the piledriver in Scorched tanks
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Old 30 November 2004, 22:40   #19
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Beheading in Moonstone
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Old 01 December 2004, 01:11   #20
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Hammer the little critters with the sword in Moonstone *splatt* - nothing left but a puddle of blood and fur. They're so CUTE.

Driving under a trailer in Lotus II - hearing the guy screaming "Yeeeehaaaaw".

Hitting a perfect ball in Nick Faldo's Golf (which is so hard, because you have to click twice with the mouse inside that small indicator).

Shooting ships in Pirates! Winning a swordfight in Pirates! I love how you can keep stabbing at him after he's surrendered. I always hit him one more time before the game continued. Finding the Silver Train or Treasure Fleet in Pirates! was also very satisfying.
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