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Eat Electric Death

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Music from MOD to CD AUDIO on CD32 question

Hello everyone,

yes it's that time of the year! So far even the most pointless of questions I asked here has been answered to my full satisfaction. As usual, I tried a lot of things myself before coming here and even if you guys have no idea or don't care at all, no worries, no problem - I just want to give it a shot:

This time I want to "convert" the module music from "Dragonstone" (disk version) to .wav to replace the CDA music on the CD32 version of the game. I intend to create a version of the game for CD32 that sounds exactly like the disk version. My question is - how should a .mod be "rendered" to .wav to sound exactly like the 4 channel disk version would, if played as a digital audio track? 44k stereo? Or joint stereo? Filter or no filter? Interpolation? Which tool would be best?

I cannot compare the A500 to the CD32 Hardware directly, so I have to trust your word completely

Kind regards,
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Zone Friend

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Free and easy tool to do this may be Open ModPlugTracker. Maybe try highest quality possible.
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I just tried the following tool on Amiga what worked fine. It also has a panning (mix left right channel) option.

PS3Mrec: PS3M recorder is a program that loads several kinds of music module formats and turns them into IFF, AIFF or RIFF WAVE samples.

If the original CD music is 44,1kHz stereo then just use the same for the mod you want convert. If you want to manipulate you can do what you want. Amiga tools are SoundFX, SamplitudeOpus and others.
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I used WinAMP to convert my mods to CD. Got fedup of feeling dizzy when listening to mods on a daily basis with head phones. Now the sound is not seperated, .
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I use to render a video from Winuae with uncompressed wav audio at 44100. Choose sync interpolation and a1200 filter emulation (not always on!). About stereo separation I would choose 100% stereo, split channels, center-panning them and apply individual effects to each channel for enhancing the sound. Then render to wav.

Other possible output I like best comes from the BZR player. Just render as wav and you're done.

BTW: I could try making a special arrange for the CD32 in full stereo 16bit, if you have some time.
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Eat Electric Death

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Thank you all for the input! Just what I asked for and more! You can always count on the eab. @adrdesign: well, why not? I doubt anyone besides me would have need for such thing so if that still won't put you off - just do it
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