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Do games run slower under WHDLoad?

Since WHDLoad runs on Workbench and workbench is obviously using up a fair chunk of resources, does that mean that a game that has been converted from floppy to run from the HD via WHDLoad will run a bit slower due to resources being 'wasted' to run Workbench?

I remember back in the day that MSDOS games ran horribly under Windows but if you booted the game from the floppy things were much better, is this the same with the Amiga?

To be honest I've not noticed any lag in any games, but I still wonder....
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No, not if there are proper WHDLoad patches. Some games runs too fast if you use an A1200 or 4000 and they have to be patched for a normal speed. Though there seems some slowndown issues (maybe hardware related e.g. turbo cards) with a few WHDLoad AGA games, but mostly they run fine too.
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WHDLoad deactivates the OS. Because of that the OS can't slow games down.
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a few games runs slow/slowndowns on whdload
chaos engine AGA and zool 2 AGA come to my mind, is recommendable to play from floppies both
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The slowdowns Sandro talks about are due to properly waiting for the blitter, as on a 68000 machine they often didn't bother and the game still worked, but on a faster Amiga it will often corrupt/crash the game if you don't wait properly.

Some games need slowing down in WHDLoad because they run in 50 fps when the originals ran at 25 fps due to a slower CPU. (eg. the CJ games)
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