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Question Apocalypse type game

Hello fellow retro gamers.
The internet is a great thing and all, but you are totally lost if you don't know what to search for. Now this subforum comes in very handy.
The name I am searching for is a game that basically plays after a nuclear war (I assume), since there are radioactive mutants (which look more like green somethings) to kill and the world looks devastated.
I really don't know if my strange mind is mixing up things here, but I think you can drive around a city in a car that you can upgrade (? top down view ? ), walk into buildings to look for fuel and items(or was it money?), a bit like parallax or miami vice on the C64, but the indoor view was more isometric. In the buildings you met the mentioned slimeys you had to doge or kill.
Then there was something like an arena, where you had to drive through an obstacle course or fight against an opponent car. Thats pretty everything I remember for now. Well, that and this strange deja vu I feel, when I think of it

I am searching for this one ... don't know, like five years now. And I tried MANY games that I thought of "THATS GOT TO BE THE NAME". But no luck.

Originally Posted by CodyJarrett
If you can't remember the name of a game, you can help us identify it for you, with this checklist (the more info, the better!)

1. Possible name of game
I THOUGHT it might be Hot Rod or Street Rod (never seen these before I tried them some weeks ago).
I always feel that strange deja vu mentioned above, when thinking of random combinations of the following words:
Hot, Street, Rod, Slime, Nuclear, Fuel, Arena, City
It may be a combination of two of these, maybe just sounding similar or maybe has nothing to do with these at all because my grey cells are goin' nuts.

2. Game genre (General)
Well I'd say it was primary racing like supercars with different graphics, combined with RPG/isometric view shooter elements (updating your stuff, exploring the city etc)

3. Game genre (Specific)
action arcade

4. Viewpoint
Multiple: Top-Down, Isometric

5. General dates
Any time-related info?
None! My memory of this game is so vague, I'm not even sure if I just dreamt of this stuff long time ago

6. Commercial status
It was definately commercial!

7. Other specific info
None I could think of

Maybe someone might remember it...
Thanks in advance
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Burntime ????

-> http://hol.abime.net/251
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Motor Massacre (AKA Road Raider)? http://hol.abime.net/2521
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I can't believe it!!! Thats it! It is Road Raider! GOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just can't believe it!
Gotta 'raid' Ebay now! Well, wonders never happen twice a day (finding a copy WITH box there, that is) but who knows

Burntime often came to my mind, yes. But the only thing these two have in common is the post-WW3-setting

Thanks again!
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