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Spy/Espionage Game

Looking for the name of a Spy/Espionage game I think on the Amiga which involved having to initially fly a helicopter from your base to the enemy one flight sim style then the view would change to 3rd party and you had to infiltrate enemy bases then return to your helicopter.

You had to use stealth to move about and if discovered you could gas people to escape etc.

I remember it being quite involved with many missions and possably a sequel or add on disc later on.

Game is prob mid to late 80's.

Hope the above is sufficient.
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Infiltrator, C64
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Wasn't the game actually 2 games? one being the flying part and one being the actual sneaking part? Or was that just the crack I had?

Quite entertaining game. You could steal uniforms and stuff too.
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Old 05 October 2004, 14:28   #4
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It was the same game but, as you say, split up into different parts - it was also multi-load on the C64 which made it frustrating at times - the running around part was good fun though...
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is this game available for the amiga, sounds fun
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I'm pretty sure it was - just a general hunch no direct reason why I should think this - lol
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Infiltrator was not out on the Amiga.
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