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Amiga 2500 questions!

Hi all. I picked up an Amiga 2500 today for free from the local classifieds, it's in rough shape on the outside with some rusty connectors on the back, it's also quite dirty.
The man who gave it to me said it's been in storage for 25yrs, and when he tried to power it on it had no power light, so i take it there is some problems with it.

The motherboard slots have a little rust on them to, but the expansion cards that are in it look to be in quite good condition, they are an A2320, A2620/30 and A209.
It also has some cables and a keyboard, some keys needs fixing and it's very dirty as well, plus 2 boxes of floppy disks and an old printer and mouse.

Out of curiosity, i am wondering if there is anything of value here, i don't know if it's worth trying, or if it's possible to get the full system fixed and running again.
As i already have an A1200 and A600 i am not really needing another Amiga, but when i saw this guy giving it away i could not resist taking it.
Maybe some of the expansion cards, and keyboard etc might be worth salvaging to sell to anyone interested in them.

I have added some pics to show you what i got and the condition of the items, i pulled the expansion cards out to get a better look at them.
I am not very familiar with big box Amiga hardware, so if someone could shine some light in the value and condition of everything that would be great.
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Seems like a nice and complete setup, the SCSI controller is an A2091.

Fix it up and enjoy the power amiga of its time? :-D
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tons of corrosion on that board that be the 1st issue with it
that 030 accel card was sitting in a slot full of corrosion
cant tell how bad the board is by your pics but from what i can see it looks BAD
get that battery out of it ASAP and neutralize that whole board with vinegar
corrosion has to be neutralized or it will keep eating the traces on the board

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Thanks for the replies. Still not sure what to do though.
The Amiga 2500 has been in storage for 25yrs, so I guess another week or so will not matter in the overall scheme of things in regards to batteries and the condition it's in, but for sure I will get rid of the battery soon!

As for being unsure, I mean yes it would be awesome to restore the system to its past glory, but as nexus pointed out the obvious, the motherboard is corroded and there is some rust on the rear connectors and also the slots on the motherboard.

Sure I can use a vinegar solution to help the corrosion side of things.
But what can be done for rust, especially on the expansion slots? Anything to save it?
As for the expansion cards themselves, the accelerator board looks in very good condition, apart from some minor corrosion on the slot side of it which I believe can be fixed and cleaned up ok.

My guess for why the system won't power up anymore would be either that the PSU is dead in it, or that there is issues with the slightly rusted slots conflicting with the the various expansion cards in it.
I can post more detailed pics if needed, but guys, do your think it's worth trying to restore the full system, or just using it for parts to sell off for very reasonable prices etc?

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Looks like a machine that was cared for once upon a time!

Somebody splurged out for the 030, extra hard drive and then one day it was relegated to some dark corner and forgotten about

How far do you want to go bringing it back? The whole lot needs stripping down. PSU is more likely dead, could be a fuse or bridge recitifier and then failed capacitors... I am no expert on things like that mind! But I do know that even a fubard board will power up and just sit there doing nowt, coloured screens etc.

Rust is a pita! In the USA there is something that is amazing for cleaning rust off corroded metal in minutes called Dr X. Typical I cannot seem to get it in the UK, all I can find is the usual stuff that takes ages and never truly works 100%.

I did find Evaporust which does a dam good job mind! but with anything rusted, after it is cleaned it will rust again so needs protecting. I also noticed the chassis on that 2000 looks like one I have here, it is boggo grey coated steel with the beige paint on! My other 2000's are galvanised and they seem to fair better when it comes to resisting rust.

I think if there was ever a time for a re-created Rev6.2 A2000 motherboard then it is now! 2000's really suffer from those sodding batteries! I have a pile of boards here only fit for spares because of those things.
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many products today that can take away the rust
[ Show youtube player ]
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