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Another World
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Commercial License -> Rental ?

Why under the license voice you used the term "Commercial" ?
It's not a too generic word ?

I mean, perhaps

"Game & Mini Mag"
"Shareware" (not so clear all other categories to me, so i stop list here)

are not commercial ?

My personal opinion is that "Rental" is a more specific term
and then absolutely more appropriate than "Commercial"

Am i wrong ?
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Originally Posted by Another World View Post
Am i wrong ?
I think yes Maybe you should describe what you mean with rental, because as far as I know it means 'fee for renting something', so not very appropriate to describe commercial released games (i.e. games released by a publisher).
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"Commercial" means was commercially sold for profit by a commercial company.

Coverdisks are not sold
Shareware is sold but not by a commercial company.

"commercial" as a term is entirely acceptable.

"Rental" is not appropriate as you were not expected to give the game back!

Also game rentals were not available for floppy based systems.
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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post

Also game rentals were not available for floppy based systems.
Here in Germany it was possible to rent floppy disk games.
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Another World
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I apologize, i made confusion when i wrote the post, a term in mind, another on screen


It was that

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In term 'commercial' to describe games distributed by publishers is well established. I think what Galahad (and I too) means is that the other forms were not sold to make a living (well some shareware authors tried, but I guess for most it didn't work ) with them.
Retail is is more a from of sale.
Maybe you could describe what your problem with the term 'commercial' is ?
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Retail rolls off the tongue better however commercial is already well established and understood...

I would understand either way and am not in the slightest bit bothered!
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