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Change double barrel to two separate images

I just tried to pin some hol game pages with Pinterest and was reminded again of this nuisance of the pre-rendered double barrel screenshot on each game page.

I want to suggest to change the double barrel screenshot on each game's page into two separate screenshots that are simply displayed side by side.

This would have multiple advantages:

- First of all, it would still look the same on the title page if the two shots are placed directly next to each other
- Clicking on one of the two shots (title or ingame) would show a single image with 4:3 aspect ration that displays fine when zoomed 2* instead of this wide monstrosity that displays right now.
- Most importantly, when referring to hol pages from outside of hol, the images would finally look good. This is true for Pinterest, links to hol from forum posts etc...
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Old 01 May 2015, 11:04   #3
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I agree. The double barrel screenshot was created in the days when websites were viewed on desktops and long before mobile.

Sometimes the division between two screenshots in the DBS isn't quite in the middle because of some non-standard screenshot sizes, especially with oversized titlescreens. Some work would be involved in fixing them when separated.

However, I think that this is something that needs to be fixed in a wider update or new version e.g. as part of a complete refresh of the website.
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Talking about modification of HOL screenshot system, I would suggest more. I always prefer Lemonamiga for screenshots, because they can be BROWSED there, and what is better - in their double size. I think this should be added to HOL as well, current system is just obsolete and annoying.
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Old 02 May 2015, 03:14   #5
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Does this mean there will be two hol watermarks, one on each picture if the double barrel is split?
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I would personally like to see the watermarks removed from the double barrel screenshots and when split into two.
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Can't stand watermarks, but oh well websites do what they gotta do :\
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Good idea
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