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MacOS 8.0

Hi guys, I've got a boxed copy of MacOS 8.1 which I have been trying to get working in Basilisk/Shapeshifter on my 060 A1200. I have been having a lot of problems with the emulation hanging when booting from the MacOS8.1 CD. I have been told that booting to 8.1 can be problematic under emulation, and that I should try 8.0 and then upgrade it to 8.1. So, I'm looking for a copy of 8.0. Does anyone have any idea where I can get one?


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It's not legal to distribute MacOS 8.0/8.1 you know? Only System 7.x is allowed to distribute by Apple (in fact you can download it from their ftp).

Anyway I have MacOS 8.1 running under Basilisk II 0.8 (Windows version) without any problem. I had to boot with a System 7.x floppy disk image, then install System 8.1 from there. I hope it will help...
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Since I have a boxed original copy of MacOS 8.1, I'm sure Apple won't be crying over me using 8.0 instead

I have tried booting from a 7.5.3 hardfile and then installing MacOS 8.1 from my CD to another hardfile, but I had the same problem when booting the newly installed system.

I know it works in Basilisk for Windows as I have already tried this, but I want to run it on my Amiga.

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I don't know anything about Macs or Mac emulation and not sure if this will help but, I've found this text looking on google

12. I have an 060 and MacOS crashes on it?

The last 68k processor used with MacOS was the 68040. The 68060 has new features which MacOS cannot deal with such as the SuperScalar mode which you need to turn off with the CPU060 command. If using Netscape and that crashes, turn off FPU Exceptions as well.
Also moved to Prb.Apps as you are not allowed to request for MacOS 8.0 here.
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Thanks Paul. I have set tooltypes for the emulators to account for the 060. Also, the emulator only emulates an 040 so it shouldn't matter anyway. Will have to keep looking for 8.0
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I you find anything I'd like to hear about it too

Anyway I'll keep an eye open for MacOS 8.00 or any usefull hint and if I find anything that may help I'll post here.
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Thanks. I spoke to Apple who told me it is no longer available. I did find a download, but the archive was corrupt. I tried again but it was still corrupt, so it must be the file :-(
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I had much the same problem.
I never did find a proper fix & never got basilisk to work on my 'amiga' ( amithlon )
ShapeShifter works fine with 8.1 on my setup
The work-around I used was as follows:
Install 8.1 on Windoze Basilisk -> maybe 7.5.3 first if 8.1 won't play fair. Then copy the HF to your amiga & use it directly with whatever emu you use on that. Some renaming may be needed.
I know the docs for the different emus on both platforms say the hf's aren't compatible but I've never had any trouble doing this in both directions.
The transfer is easy for me because of shared hdd's - I don't know how practicable for you.

I hope this helps.

What ROM image? - I've found the amiga-side emulation can get very flakey with 8.1 even when the rom should work.
I get the least trouble with a Quadra 650 rom. (F1ACAD13)
Some others have missing features/incompatabilities with higher processors - esp in conjunction with 8.*. As far as I can tell not necessarily roms from low-end 68k macs!
The Quadra 700/900 rom (420DBFF3) is reputed to cause most problems.

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