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I have very shadowy memory of watching this movie as kid. Placed it on hold @ library. Thanks!
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Canonball Run, a fun movie for sure.

"Whatsa Behind Me is Not Importanta..."

-Raul Julia

Nothing like a duel between the American AC Cobra and a Ferrari, just like the 60's when Ford was challenging Ferrari
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Doctor Sleep - Better than a real doctor in Sleep, I Truly did fall asleep, just can't come close to
Kubrick just another millennium B movie.

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post

This Child's Play does away with the whole possessed puppet aspect and instead... makes it tech-nonsense. It's an advanced AI that has its restrictions taken out of it by an angry employee (that happens in the first 2 minutes, I hardly consider that a spoiler). Gradually as the movie goes along, you see that AI get more and more tainted by the world around it. It's motivations to turn into a murdering psychopath I will not spoil, but at least that is a nice twist over the original.

So the new Chucky is expertly voiced by Mark Hamill. I'm glad it isn't another Joker-variant, he can make that doll sound ominous to the max while maintaining a childish ring to it. Unfortunately... that does nothing for the movie. The movie has some really gruesome deaths. Good stuff. But it doesn't save the movie. It has some good characters, very relatable. But that doesn't save the movie. Because it is and always will be a really lame knock off of the original that resorted to tech-nonsense. It's friggin' Skynet in a puppet.

I thought compared to the other Recent films in the Child Play series this is Brilliant, this is not a Brilliant film but commpared to the direction this Series was going this is Brilliant and offers a way forward for this generation.
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ha ha, sucks to be me You had fun watching the movie, I really didn't.
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We saw Doctor Sleep with the missus since she insisted on doing so, and it was even more disappointing, and cliché that the trailer was suggesting it would be,
even silly at times. Rebecca Ferguson is sexy (not phenomenal), there is this fable going on about true friendship VS relationships motivated by greed or lust,
a couple of references to Se7en that's about it. Back at home, I did watch a couple of interesting movies,
  • the Adventurers aka Xia dao lian meng (2017) by Stephen Fung, think James Bond with Asian thieves enjoying a "ménage à trois", it was panned by critics mainly because of our national Mr. Jean Reno shoddy performance. It should be mentioned though that the guy isn't Tom Cruise (in the sense that he never was trained to become an athlete), he did what he could considering his age and the diabetes illness he has to endure.
  • Above mentioned film is a remake of a 1991 John Woo movie which I happen to be found of, entertaining and full of twists so watch both if you manage to find them online with English subs (I could )
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968), aimed mostly at children or young adults, featuring the great Dick Van Dyke and the ineffable "Benny Hill" dude aka Alfred Hawthorn Hill, watch it with your kids if the Mary Poppins remake featuring Emily Blunt from last year left a bad taste in your mouth. It could be argued that this is indeed a long-drawn-out, somehow patchy film but some scenes are unmissable, such as the music box dance :

    [ Show youtube player ]

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