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Help for PSU design (Voltmeter - Ampmeter wiring)


Did anyone ever used those fancy digital voltmeter / AMPmeters to display simultaneously the 12V output AND the consumption of the 5V amps ? Is that possible, by the way ?

If you are interested in the project, it will be a dual Amiga PSU able to supply power up to 4 devices, 2x Amiga computers.

More information on the following thread on Amibay : http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?111707

Final presentation will be made here on EAB too once the project is completed and fully documented... Currently my issue is to complete my wiring schematics.
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The picture is big enough

Sure thats possible.

There are 2 ways to connect this module
- module supply and load supply seperately
- one power supply for module and load

Interstingly the 2nd schematic is harder to find when searching online.
I connected it like this a year ago and it worked well.

Hope that helps.

PS: Not connecting the thinner black wire is fine because the module gets ground from the thick black wire.
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French in Australia
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Help for PSU design (Voltmeter - Ampmeter wiring)

Thanks for prompt reply.

Lol, sorry for the picture size, this is how EAB is handling it, I can’t find any option to resize as I’ve given a picture URL... I’ll change that later if I’m smart enough to figure how to.

Are you checking the voltage of the 5V output or the 12V?? The 5V is how I understand your wiring diagram if the AMP side gives you the AMP consumption of the 5V line...

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I literally wired one of these up yesterday - I'm only measuring the 5V side though, as with an Amiga thats pretty much the one doing the heavy lifting.

Image here (won't embed due to size) of it powering an A500: Picture of Meanwell RT65B with meter

Is there a specific reason you want to measure 12v?

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The current measured in that configuration will be the combined current of the +/-12V and 5V rails. However, the current flowing on the 12V rails will likely be less than 100mA, so is unlikely to make a significant difference in the grand scheme of things.

The 5V rail is the critical one in Amiga terms - the 12V rail can vary quite a bit without any serious issues.
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As others have basically said, I personally wouldn't worry about the 12V rail. You'd be better off displaying the current and voltage for 5V.
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