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Old 09 July 2008, 22:27   #141
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Any news? Is it possible to do this ADF crack?
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Old 15 August 2008, 14:39   #142
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the reason you havent heard much about this recently is that the 'tools' i were sent really require a decent Archie setup. i hadnt paid much attention to my A3010 but it was very much base model with 1mb ram and no hard disk.

anyways, i've purchased an internal IDE kit and 4mb upgrade which are now both fitted and working, and although it took an hour or so of fathoming, i've gotten the copy tools working.

bad news is that despite all this, it still ultimately produces an ADF file that simply doesnt work.

it was kinda expected but it was cool to have a go anyway.

i am now definitely done with the disks, it'll be down to lafter to send his adf file to whoever to get 'amended' until such times as the IPF file can be created.

shameless plug: work is rapidly ongoing in that area...... http://www.softpres.org/wip
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Old 15 August 2008, 17:11   #143
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Glad you've enjoyed upgrading your Archie...

...my apologies if I've lead you to any wasted effort / expense.

There are yet more 'tools' available for the archie but sadly I don't have them - commercial software I've been too cheap to buy.

I'd love to get my hands on Laffer's discs - of course I may not give them back again...

...looking forward to further IPF developments.
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Old 07 October 2008, 03:21   #144
no c= no fun
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heh, did you manage to copy the discs on ... Amiga?
I used to copy protected Atari-ST discs on an A500 ! ;-)
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Old 08 November 2008, 19:49   #145
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is there any chance anyone could reup the full version to the zone, even if it does appear to be a dodgy crack? i'd be interested in having a tinker

i've got a disk image of aldebaron if anyone wants me to up that. it looks even better than zarch, came out at the start of 93 (i think). i've got little idea of how to play it properly tho, there's a manual on the adf but it's in german. if anyone's got a copy of the manual in english, that'd be awesome.

anyone care to share the zarch adf? can't find it anywhere
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Any news on full version of Archie's Last Ninja ? Were the original disks OK when dumped ? Does the game work fine from original disks on real Archie ?
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Old 11 March 2009, 11:22   #147
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both disks were okay, but it was unclear if they were duplicated properly or not. it appears that they are not original disks, but instead re-prints...genuine 'copies' if you like, but it needs more work to find out.

since we're not finished implementing archie support yet, we still have both disks in case we need to dump them again etc. although they can be returned anytime if needed.

i had passed on the ADF files i'd made from them back to laffer, but they dont work without the protection being bypassed.

they do both work on a real machine with no graphics problem.

if anyone has a copy of last ninja for archie, that they've had for years, i.e not recently bought from an online shop....please dump it.
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Old 11 March 2009, 13:48   #148
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Might have to explain this a little more to me here. Used to have a original copy, but it was one I brought from CJE a few years ago.........so if I still have it, is it any good, or are you saying that they are probably now distributing copies of the orginal!?

If so, I am guessing perhaps an eBay job......if the box looks suitably stained and old enough!!!!
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Old 11 March 2009, 14:29   #149
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AFAIK Superior Software was still selling this title until relatively recently.


It was re-released as part of a multi-game pack.
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Old 01 September 2009, 20:58   #150
Andy Catling
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I was just looking for any reference to my old game Legend of the Lost Temple and stumbled across this thread.

I have to say it made my day to see the amount of interest in a game I wrote around 18 years ago. I'd also totally forgotten about the the text I'd put in there. Thankfully it's not as embarassing as it could've been.

I hope you weren't too disappointed when you played the final game. I think the graphics were ok for the time, but the gameplay left a lot to be desired. The conversion was based on the BBC micro version of the game, because I didn't have access to the original C64 version, so I think some things might have been lost in translation. I also really hated the music that was done for the game. I wanted a more subtle and ambient traditional japanese feel, but it ended up as some up-tempo fiasco.

Anyway, thanks to all invloved for trying to preserve these obscure games; I don't even have an original copy, I have the box somewhere but no disc.

My other games for the Archimedes that I'd like to track down are:-

Talisman - my first published game and pretty poor
Drop Ship - a thrust style game visually influenced by the Bitmap Brothers
Legend of the Lost Temple - an attempt at a cross between Ghosts and Goblins and Rick Dangerous
Gribblys Day Out - A conversion of the Andrew Braybrook C64 platformer
Paradroid 2000 - A conversion of the Andrew Braybrook classic

If anyone has any of these, I'd love to hear from you, especially about Legend of the Lost Temple.

Thanks again for making my day,

Old 01 September 2009, 21:20   #151
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Welcome on EAB, Andy.

You are right with the music, really awful. That it's based on the BBC Micro version is indeed a disadvantage. But the grahpics are nice and the controls are surprisingly pretty good.

To pickup the items with the "p" key is much better than the picky (pixel-exact controls needed) system they've used for the brilliant C64 version.
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Old 17 March 2010, 23:56   #152
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Just to let people know that there's an image of Legend Of The Lost Temple was put up on Wocki's Website http://acorn.revivalteam.de/ - unfortunately no-one has got a scan of the copy protection picture - considering Andy wrote it was hoping he might have an old source file / scan - or maybe even offer to bypass the copy protection.

Just hoping this reaches Andy Catling really! Or anyone else interested in the old school Archie games. Legend Of The Lost Temple and Ballarena are the only games I've not managed to play on the Archie yet - was devastated when my father upgraded to a newer RISC OS and they weren't playable any more.
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