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Into the Wonderful

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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
I had the Screen Gems pack although I'd have much rather have had Flight of Fantasy!

Back to the Future II
Night Breed
Days of Thunder

all terrible... Shadow of the Beast II was of course gorgeous to look and listen to but almost impossible to play
My mate got the Screen Gems pack not long after I got the Batman Pack. I always felt like he got the worse deal. Beast II was the highlight and the 'ten pints' cheat definitely made the game more playable.
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Truth be told I very much enjoy the hoverboarding levels of BTTF2 - once you get to grips with the controls which took me a while. The others... not so much The house escape level is cute but once you know the routine you can complete it with your eyes closed. A little more random generation would have gone a long way.
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I was 15 in 1990
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16, got the A500 Batman Pack in 1989 having harassed my dad for an Amiga non stop for a good six months. Bought it on HP from Maddens in Cork for the princely sum of £499. He paid the £100 down and I was responsible for the £5 a week for the next two years.

Started off "buying" pirated games from a guy a buddy knew. No money was ever exchanged, games cost blank disks - for a one disk game, I'd give him five blanks and get one back with the game on it. Two disk ones cost eight disks. He made SURE to never allow me to get XCopy until one day he accidentally gave me a copy of one of his utility disks. Bastard was furious and demanded I format the disk (I did, but not after I copied it, ahaha) and told me if he found out I copied games for anyone else, he'd blacklist me and would make sure I'd never see another game again.

Within a few months I'd met a few traders and started trading myself. One of the lads at the computer shop where I bought the Amiga bought one, and paid off my A500 for me in exchange for sorting him out for "warez". Jesus, I used to think I was some sort of international agent when the reality was that the cops couldn't give a toss about what we were all up to.
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First A500 in '88 when I was 18. Managed to blow it up a few years later and spent a small fortune on a new motherboard.

A1200 came along in '92 at the grand old age of 22. I've had it all these years and recently restored it and it's sitting on the desk next to me now!
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14... Christmas 1987. Blown away by it!
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I was pretty young, we had moved to the States from the UK the year before and were close to the factory making Amigas. So I was 10 back in 1987 we got an Amiga 500, it was more of a computer for the family, we had a dedicated Amiga room. It completely blew my mind and have been hooked ever since
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I am not sure about this, but I think I was about 13 to 15 years old when I got my Amiga 500. With 512 kb memory extension and external floppy drive.

Technically it was my brother's Amiga but I used it a lot more often and my brother did not show that much interest. So it quickly became my Amiga
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It was the Summer of 1986 when I went to visit my dad (parents divorced). He had gotten one of the very first Amigas the previous Fall before full production had even started.

It was a mind blowing experience. He had a game called "Mind Walker" whose music I can still hear in my memories.

That Summer there was Marble Madness, Defender of the Crown, Faire Tale Adventure, Archon, and countless other games.

The thing did things that I wouldn't see elsewhere for years such as a good GUI, multitasking, amazing audio.
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