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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
Nobody has mentioned the obvious reason.
The amiga died because it was an 80s computer.
Except both the PC and the Mac were also 80's computers.

That had zero to do with it..

The all-in-one was limiting, but the Amiga wasn't only all in one. 2000, 3000, 4000...
Same as the Macs...

And yes, Doom is a good "sign" of what was wrong. But as has been pointed out, Commodore was already dying when about the time Doom was released. And why it's software that drives things, Doom was able to run and impress on the PC because of the hardware. It had grown to the point that something like Doom was feasible. The Amiga hardware (mostly CPU) hadn't. At least not in a cost effective manner.

Now, I can still buy the software bit, but only if you bo back pre 600/1200.
If Commodore had a "software evangelist" like Apple did....
Yes, Apple had someone whose job it was to make sure that the software happened and was hyped in the industry.
Commodore did get Word Perfect, but as for big name software.. not much else.. Now, you can succeed without big name software, if you also have great marketing, but we know how that went.. ;-(

Also, I think Commodore dropped the ball in the Education market. Apple excelled in that as well.. Commodore should have pushed that MUCH harder...

I think those types of things might have really helped Commodore's acceptance... More sales... That would mean higher quantity purchases of CPUs, which would hopefully drive down the price..

Of course, even if that happened, I have a feeling that it would have just allowed Commodore management to bleed Commodore for a while longer....
Unless they were smart enough to do the above AND continue to fund R&D.

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Some excellent points have been made on this thread, if I could sum up what's been said in a single sentence it would be this, "adapt or die". Like others alluded to, doom came along with it's bad ass graphics and atmosphere, giving PC owners all the ammunition they needed to slate the Amiga.

I remember being in some pretty heated arguments with friends over the prospect of Doom being viable on the Amiga...In gaming terms I think Doom proved to be a key turning point, Doom was the future (in gaming terms) and it was a future Commodore was not able to join...Theses days it's "Can it run crysis?" Back then it was "Can it play Doom?"..well kind of...

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Very informative topic as I honestly didn't know what caused the demise of the Commodore Amiga as personal events back in 1995 put paid to my Amiga days. The year after, I had defected to Sony Playstation. Shame on me.

I knew Commodore went bankrupt back in 1994 and I assumed it was the "make or break" CD32 console (and possibly piracy on Amiga computers) that caused the company's demise. Shows how much I know!

I had a CD32 (Christmas 1994) and was well disappointed with it. Limited games, lame ports and cheap joypad. So I ditched it and bought a CD-ROM drive for my A1200 instead.

However, despite Commodore's downfall, the humble Amiga home computer (virtual and real) still lives on and I wouldn't change a thing.
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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
With that attitude, what are you doing here? Discussing the pointless (since its all long in the past) is what we do to keep the memory alive.
I'm here to remember the great things that hapend to my myself and sure others - We all know that all turns that "Amiga" had to take during the years when Gateway and Escom decided to spend som lunch money on the old good C= and killed the platform, why bother discussing that when we cant change the past?
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Originally Posted by direktorn View Post
why bother discussing that when we cant change the past?

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