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A mediocre arcade game with crappy ports. They all suck. Some more than others.
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Gosh Pit Fighter is utter garbage. I have a copy of Super Play Magazine here that totally ravaged it, I think it was the magazine's lowest scoring game of all time, something like 13%. Never played it on the Amiga.

There again I don't really like most one on one fighters, although I do have a bit of a weakness for the Neo Geo fighters, but I think it's more the graphical design than anything in things like Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters.
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I was intrigued so I watched a video of the arcade version... well it looks better but it still looks like a punishment to play it.
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Intrigued by this thread and starting to doubt my memories, I just went back and MAMEd a bit of the arcade version. I must be really blinded by nostalgia, 'cos I liked the game again. I actually ended up playing 3 times, one with each character. I really don't understand where all the hate comes from. Sure, it doesn't play smoothly or as organic as Mortal Kombat, but there are waaaaay worse games than Pit Fighter out there. I played the Amiga version ('cos my memory was a bit fuzzy on it, TBH) and it's not as bad as I remembered it. Still sucks, tho, mainly 'cos of disk accessing and jerky animation (anyone knows the fps of this version?), but graphically and sonically, it ain't that bad at all. The MD version is still be best home version (has better playability and smoother animation than the Amiga version) and the SNES version is an aberration that seems to have been coughed up in a hurry to cash-in on the franchise.

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Have you tried it under ntsc? Maybe it's smoother that way, if it works.
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This was 2 years before Mortal Kombat. It did look impressive on the arcade's CRT, under attract mode, especially the big photos in the select screen, but it played like crap and was unresponsive from what I recall. It had the live actors digitized characters wow factor two full years before MK, but outside the context of 1990 what was exciting back then is just a little trivia today.
I do recall years later not being able to play it in MAME because of some security chip
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