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Amiga 500 defective (no disk click and no video)

I seem to have broken my Amiga 500 when I attached the HC508 card.
It booted fine but then all of a sudden stopped working and my whole Amiga 500 is now not working anymore.
Red power led comes up, capslock led comes on and off again but thats its, no video, no diskdrive click.

I did have an Amram card in it, perhaps that caused the problem ? (forgot to take it out).

Could it be that I destroyed the Gary perhaps ?

Tried a different Gary chip I had lying around but not sure if that is ok either.
Same for the 68000 (but also not sure if that is ok) and swapped over the CIA's, all no result.

Anyone any idea's ?
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The cpu socket may have been “bored out” by constant changing of the cpu/accelerator.

If possible, try replacing the socket.
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Not very likely, the CPU has never been messed with and it was working fine and stopped working while being on after a few minutes.
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Does anybody know how I could test if the Gary is doing anything ?
I left the Amiga 500 on for a while and all chips get some heat (not hot) but both the Gary and ram stay very cold.

Do have a scope, bought it in a spur of the moment but using it mainly as a sort of expensive multi-meter so I have some tools but not the skills so would need a bit of a walk through

CPU produces a 7,09mhz signal btw, so seems to be a bit alive anyway.
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