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View Poll Results: Which Amiga do you own?
Amiga 1000 24 2.41%
Amiga 500 159 15.96%
Amiga 2000 37 3.71%
Amiga 500+ 31 3.11%
Amiga 1500 5 0.50%
Amiga 3000 29 2.91%
Amiga 600 67 6.73%
Amiga 4000 110 11.04%
Amiga 1200 448 44.98%
Amiga CD32 33 3.31%
Amiga CDTV 6 0.60%
I don't have one, but plan to get one 20 2.01%
I don't have one, and I don't plan to get one 27 2.71%
Voters: 996. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10 August 2004, 02:01   #301
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Just a 1mb A500, its brown. I didnt paint it, its just stained & filthy

Only recently joined here as I was scoping out upgrading to an expanded A1200.

I'm still perplexed about people using PC's as an Amigas through Winuae, some not even Windows machines....im just lost heh.
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Old 13 August 2004, 20:53   #302
Global Caturator
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Just one vote ... how come?
I got my first a600 in 1994, then from a friend of my, an a500 with a C= 1084S monitor in 1996 and in 1998 at last the Amy i've dreamed about: Amiga 1200!!!
So i've voted for the a1200, and i'm using it till now...
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Old 26 August 2004, 16:24   #303
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I got my first amiga in '88. A few years later the 500 gave up on me and I bought a 500+. And just some later the AGA machines spawned everywhere around me

I kept using my A500+ until '97 and it has been gathering dust ever since.... The last two years I've been emulating the Amiga on my PC.
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Old 11 September 2004, 19:31   #304
Posts: n/a
2 Amiga 500
1 Amiga 1200
2 Amiga CD32

Old 12 September 2004, 13:05   #305
Retro Nuts

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The first Amiga i had was a 500 in 1991 the one with NightBreed and Days of Thunder,i loved it then i did a stupid thing and swoped it for a Atari 520...

Then i got A600 in 1997 and A1200 2 years later but sold them..

I got the Amiga CD32 about 1year ago and the A600 about 3 weeks ago,still looking for A1200 and A500 at the Carboots...

P.S...Can anyone remeber the name of the pack that NightBreed and Days of Thunder came in...?

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Old 13 September 2004, 07:10   #306
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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
So you own every A500 in your country now?
nope he doesn't own mine =]

I own.

1 * A1200 /030@28mhz / 68882 fpu/ 8mb fast. 540mb hd.
1 * CD32
1 * A1200std (gave it to a scene dude in the hope of getting some telefone info, man i got ripped off.)
1 * A500 K1.3 512kb fast.
1* A500 broken
1 * A600HD
1 * A600HD broken

and am using my mates A1200std.
But I only have 2 monitors, one working, and one I still have to suss out, but damn left the A1200 at the parents house.

Sadly most Amiga hardware was/is pretty much just dumped at the rubbish tip, instead of advertising it "free for removal" =[
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Old 29 October 2004, 02:32   #307
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I plan on buying a Peg.
Old 29 October 2004, 12:15   #308
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Ok, here's my amiga's.
Commodore A1200/KS3.0/WB3.1/68RC030@50MHz, 8MB 60ns EDO, 2MB CHIP, Kingston 10mbps PCMCIA Ethernet, EIDE CD-ROM, 1.2GB Seagate.
A600HD,1MB,df0:,(no hdd)
A600,1MB (no df0
A600,1MB (no df0
A500+ rev8a, 1MB CHIP, KS2.0, DF0:
A500 rev 5, 512K CHIP, 512K SLOW, KS1.3, DF0:

Not planning on buying an AmigaOne, supporting <A HREF="HTTP://www.aros.org">Aros</A> instead. (its more within my budget.)
Old 29 October 2004, 15:32   #309
Dr. Dude
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What happend whit the drives from the 600's ?
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Old 29 October 2004, 15:40   #310
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Ioannina/Greece
Posts: 5,040
I have a 600HD 40MB + 1MB a601 expansion ks2.04 (that I really never use) and my beloved a1200 that the specs u can see in my sig...
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Old 29 October 2004, 16:26   #311
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Hi all I have a a1200 magic pack still boxed and standard also an a1200 030 50 with 4gig HD and 52x CD rom my fave also got a couple of 500's that I don't use much.Got a microvitec gpm 1701 monitor which is great but has no sound. Have aslo just had a go with amiga forever 6 which seems ok if a little difficult to master but I can try.

Regards M
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Old 29 October 2004, 20:12   #312
Tik Gora :D

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Originally Posted by Joooch
I plan on buying a Peg.

Well ... Great 1st post there .. wtf are you on about ?
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Old 29 October 2004, 20:50   #313
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Originally Posted by spannernick

P.S...Can anyone remeber the name of the pack that NightBreed and Days of Thunder came in...?
Is was the A500 'Screen Gems' pack. The first amiga I got too.
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Old 29 October 2004, 21:12   #314
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Originally Posted by Joooch
I plan on buying a Peg.
Originally Posted by mr_0rga5m
Well ... Great 1st post there .. wtf are you on about ?
I would venture that 'Peg' must be short for 'Pegasos'.

Could be wrong, of course - Joooch might be referring to purchasing a tent peg, or a clothes peg, or indeed somebody by the name of Peggy. Ya never know.
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Old 29 October 2004, 21:27   #315
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Update: 2 x A2000, 4 x A500, 5 x A1200, 1 CD32, 2 CDTV incl. 1 broken one, 2 x A1000
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Old 30 October 2004, 03:01   #316
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The drives in the a600's where pulled to fix amiga1200 ones (one 1200 got sold) i was planning to fit 3.5" hdd's to the 600's and not bothering with fdd's (pcmcia lan or cd-rom, so unnecessary) also, having looked at the AmiMPC project (i forget the link) i fancy an a600 based in car mp3 player.
Old 30 October 2004, 20:03   #317
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Got my first Amiga in 1990 as a christmas gift, it was a plain A500 which I upgraded to 1mb.
Started with commodore stuff back in 1986 when I got a C64, the "fat" model.
Later on, just before I got the miggy I switched to the slim model of the C64 and a disk drive.
Sadly I sold my A500 in 1993 with my Philips CM8833-II monitor.
Due to strong nostalgic reasons I bought an A600 3 years ago from a friend at work and that started it all now I own these Amigas:

-A600, MTEC 630 @42mhz, 2mb chip, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 1.2gig Toshiba HDD, OS3.9
-A500+. GVP A530 @40mhz, 2mb chip, 8mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 120mb Maxtor SCSI HDD (the original HDD!), OS3.1
-A1200D, Blizzard 1260 @50mhz, 2mb chip, 32mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 2.1gig Seagate HDD, OS3.9
-A3000D, stock 030 @25mhz, 2mb chip, 4mb fast ram, 3.1 rom, 4.3gig Seagate SCSI HDD, OS3.1, CV3D GFX Card

And I use these monitors: Philips 105B 15inch, Philips CM8833-II, NEC Multisync 3D 15inch
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Old 30 October 2004, 22:33   #318
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Location: United Kingdom
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i've had amigas for ages
i got a 500 with a 1200 disk drive in it cos the original one is knackered, have to leave the top cover off to access the disk
a 600, a cd32 and my 1200 with 3.1, 200mb HD and blizzard 020-28mhz accelerator with 4 meg fast ram, linked to the TV and just used for games. it plays up a bit when you first start it sometimes the hard disk just clicks and wont start and it just goes to disk boot screen, i have to shake it a bit to get it working.
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Old 13 December 2004, 22:06   #319
Monkey Slapper
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Location: UK
Age: 46
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I originally had an A600, upgraded to 2mb. Then I was given a 1200 for Xmas, god knows how many years ago - that was sold when I got into extreme debt via modems and bbs'ing. Seriously. Bought another 1200 off the market for a 100 quid, sold that not long after. Then bought a 1200 from the local newspaper which came with some Blizzard accelerator (030 I think, I've yet to recheck). I have that now, currently in pieces as I've removed all the keys for a good bleaching lol. The case is nice and clean now thanks to Mr Muscle. Waiting on a mouse and harddrive, should be a few days.

Last time I used this Amiga was roughly 2001, it's been sitting in the loft since then, during which time I was on and off the celeron PC downstairs. Just a few weeks ago my mother paid for all the components of an AthlonXP 2ghz - (Xmas gift, she insisted since I built her the very same thing a few months ago) which is now running smooth and fine, networked with the PC downstairs. A nullmodem cable has been bought to connect this bedroom PC to the Amiga, when the Ami is running again. My external PC modem will be used on the Amiga to run a dialup BBS.

Yeah, I'm not expecting any calls - I'm just suddenly reinterested (that a word?) in learning AmiExpress again. I used to know that BBS software inside-out and am really feeling for the old days again. So all in all, by Xmas I'll have 3 computers running 24/7 in this house. Thankfully I'm holding down a job these days, which should cover the electric bill. As for modeming - I'm on Pipex broadband, so huge dialup bills are history. At some point I'll try and get the Amiga connected via ethernet. If possible. I currently have a 5 port switchbox downstairs for the two PCs. I'd love to see the Amiga on broadband.

Hrm, weird. I'm thinking I only ever had Amiga's. I have a boxed Commodore 64 upstairs (new style model). And a billion years ago I had a Commodore 16. The one time it broke, I had it fixed fairly swiftly, I think it was a broken key - cos I live in Corby and Commodore had a factory just outside the town. Cool stuff.

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Old 22 December 2004, 13:49   #320
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Big grin Amiga 500+

Hi guys & gals!

I have an Amiga 500+ ...which superseded my Commodore Plus 4!
I have had the Amiga since I was a kid ... at least 15 years if not more!

It went into hiding some time ago... and after around 7 years or so, it has made a comeback as I re-sourced Player Manager ... the greatest game of ALL time, on any platform!!


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