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Eye of the Storm - no clue what was going on, also very scary
Barbarian (Psygnosis) - controls were unusable to me
Killing Cloud - I owned the original, read the manual, still couldn't get anywhere in the game
Midwinter - Never could get anywhere, I owned the manual, still didn't help.
Head over Heels - As a little child, I never understood this game correctly. Once I had the manual and the Amiga version as a teenager, I was still confused. Many rooms seemed impossible.
Nathan Never - What is this game? How to get past the first few rooms? A mystery.
Damocles/Mercenary 3 - Even with the manual, I couldn't figure these games out.
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Midwinter 2, set sex appeal to max and then on every island look for someone of the opposite sex to seduce... aka the James Bond method.

Frontier was supposed to be played as a trader or pirate I guess, but I mostly looked for ways to cheat the system.

On UFO I got fed up and hex edited the save file to boost my team's stats.

Syndicate was probably supposed to be played with cunning and skill, but it was easier to hide 8 miniguns under your trench coat and just brute force every mission. There was an assassination job where some guy was giving a speech. Obviously you were supposed to use the sniper rifle or laser, but the gauss gun was more fun.

On Lionheart I got stuck trying to get on to the ship because I couldn't figure out how to make the platform swing far enough to make the jump.

In Xenon 2 there was a section where there was a near infinite supply of money if you kept reversing the screen scrolling enough.

The amateur riders in No Second Prize can be knocked over if you are careful, and with some skill you can use them to take out your competitors!

In Dune II you get missile launcher units. Their range is exactly 1 square further than any base defence so you can just park them exactly one screen length away and let them slowly destroy the enemy base with impunity.

Some levels in Robocop end with a fight against ED209. You can use your gun or you can just jump and punch it in the face. Due to crap coding your punches are like a chainsaw and do massive damage every frame. It's usually easier to just shoot it though.

Sidewinder has an autofire power-up you can collect, but I always used the joystick's autofire function. In fact a Zip Stick's autofire is so fast that it causes your shots to become invisible because the sprites for them overlap (it re-used the same sprite multiple times).

In the PD game Master Blaster you can do an infinite bomb chain that is very hard to avoid. You need to have collected a decent number of bombs and speed power ups. Plant one bomb, wait a couple of seconds and then run away from it leaving a trail of bombs behind you. They will detonate in sequence and your opponent will have a hard time avoiding them, or stopping you for that matter.
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Originally Posted by zero View Post
In Xenon 2 there was a section where there was a near infinite supply of money if you kept reversing the screen scrolling enoug
Intrigued as to where this part is?
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