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Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja

I've seen that on Andy's Rarities website, in the requests zone, there is the game "Bad Dudes".

This remembered me something so i checked the MAME versione of the game "Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja" and then the Amiga version of "Dragon Ninja".

In the attached images are the starting screens of the amiga game, and they're exactly the same as the arcade game apart from the diagonal writing "Bad Dudes" which disappeared in the amiga version (you only read Dragon Ninja).

I even tried the first level and it's exactly the same, so I think that the game released on the Amiga as "Dragon Ninja" was really the conversion of the arcade game "Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja", and that has never been released a game called only "Bad Dudes".

If some of you have more info on this, please share with us so Andy can update his requests database.
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UK/USA versions of the same game

This one is easy to clear up, "Bad Dudes" was the released name for the USA version of the game, and "Dragon Ninja" was the name when the game was released in the UK. Identical game except the title screen (maybe that is even the same, I can't remember)

Just like "Stunt Car Racer" was the UK version and "Stunt Track Racer" was the USA version. Same game, different title screenand protection - Stunt Car Racer has some pretty decent copy protection and Stunt Track Racer has none - but I digress
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I had that game, whatever it was called. It was a cool little sidescrolling beat 'em up. One of the best, if I remember. Although my copy was just a little glitchy. Like that fat guy that breathed red fire at the arcade, it was green on my version.
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"Bad Dudes" and "Dragon Ninja" are two different name for the same game.

Attachments are working well ptrchiappe, are you using one of the good file format ? (ace gif jpg lzh png zip)

Removed attachment

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Dragon ninja

I already knew that it was the same game. The question on my page is:

Bad dudes - Does it exist with this name as well as dragon ninja?

i.e. does an amiga version of this game exist as bad dudes with just the different title screen.

Ocean definitely released it in UK as dragon ninja, was it released elsewhere as bad dudes or was the amiga version still called dragon ninja when it was released everywhere else?

What codetapper says is true of the arcade version, what about the amiga version? It'd be pretty silly to release the game with a name that people didn't know the game by, but does anybody have the game with the bad dudes name? Or maybe the amiga version wasn't released in the USA (doubtful, but you never know).
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I have both games

I thought from my message it was clear - yes both games came out, a contact in the UK has the original UK version and a contact in the USA has the Bad Dudes game - different boxes, different disk image (slightly). I have both games WHDLoad installed by Mick...

As for your comment about why release it as one and not the other, probably the arcade machine was named the same way and/or the title is pretty long - bad dudes vs dragon ninja so includes both games anyway... It's not like it's called Dragon Ninja in the UK and Borobodur in the USA!
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Back to this thread, six years later... I'm having problems with the music available at Exotica... It's Soundtracker format but I can only play the "mod.dragonx" file with Deliplayer, not the other three ones. Anyone had sucess with this..? Thanks
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