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Exclamation DayDream BBS v2.50

Hi Amiga frends,

Today i have release the now version off DayDream BBS v2.50 !!!

It is only download on the HQ BBS and may not distributed on Internet !!

This is what is new and changed in the new version:

Changes DayDream BBS v2.50:
- Change Copyrights


- Update more Telnet compatible.

- Update KEYFILE checks for hacking.

- Clean up the source code and optimize for faster speed.

- Update libs/dreamdoor.library

- New field in configfile: DayDream.DAT - Disable logfiles. (Line 19)

- Modified local uploading line in strings directory (Search for temporary)

- 3 new fields in Archivers.DAT - last three tho..

- Wait 3 secs etc changed in Strings... Search for "wait 3" and replace it

0mWait 3 secs or press enter to save, 36mE34m)0mdit, 36mN34m)0mew desc,
36mP34m)0mrivate, 36mQ34m)0muick35m:0m "

- Added field to Multinode.DAT, node priority. Check the last field in

- Replace following utilities w/ new ones: DreamConfig, Rexx.

- Add line ALIENS... to DayDream.DAT.

- Remove all that stupid run <>nil: stuff from door launch command. That is
not necessary anymore, in fact DD might crash if they are still there.

- Add line SECF_OLM.. to Security.DAT.

- Add line MNODE_TEMPDIR. to Multinode.DAT.

- Change line Free uploading space in strings...

- Add line MNODE_OWNDIR.. to Multinode.dat.

- Update the strings, i suggest you to copy new ones from the archive and
make required changes..

- Add line QUICKLINEED to DayDream.DAT.

- Update all doors and utils..

- Enjoy the new version :-Q

- Big changes in Strings.XXX. I suggest you to delete your old ones and
customize the default strings..

- Add BASE_FILEATTAC - field to Conferences.DAT

- Add SECF_PRVATTACH and SECF_PUBATTACH-fields to Security.DAT.

- Add ARC_DISPLAY.. - field to Archivers.DAT

- New utils, rexx and DreamConfig. Update them.

- Add line LINEEDCOM... (DayDream.DAT)

- Add lines

to conferences.DAT.

- New config file for DreamMail (Update it!)

- Add some stuff to strings... (Everything at the end)

- Add line FSED...... (DayDream.DAT)

- Add line MNODE_FIXRED (Multinode.DAT)

- Add line IO_AFTERCALL (IoDevices)

- Add some stuff to strings... (Everything at the end)

- Archivers.DAT is rewritten

- Add line SECF_VIEWFILE (Security.DAT)

- Add line CONF_LONGNAMES (Conferences.DAT)

- New version of DreamNew. Configfile is also new for DreamNew.

- Update these doors: Faker, FSEd, Grab and New.

Have a visit on the HQ of DayDream BBS Software.

More info DayDream HQ System.
Via telnet: amibinkd.dyndns.org:5432

I do from now and the next release of DayDream a registration promo.

When you register DayDream now you pay 30 euros for a key normoly is the registration price for a Key 80 euros.

When you register DayDream i send you the key on email.


Rudi Timmermans
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Re: DayDream BBS Release v5.00


I have just make a small bet nice startup website of DayDream BBS.


From there you can make a connect to the DayDream HQ BBS.
Dream Technologies
Rudi Timmermans.
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