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I downloaded Wonderland from Magnetic Scrolls from PE2000 and when i try to install it on HD on WinUAE it gives the following error:

There is -3872k free on drive dh0:
..... You have insufficient space to install to HD.

I tried copying all the files to HD but the game searches something in drive df0: so it doesn't work.

Any idea how to install this game?

On the A1200 has installed perfectly and runs normally apart from freezing the computer instead of quitting, but that doesn't matter as i can just turn it off (who needs a START button!)
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Never played the game, neever seen the game, so I'm just guessing here.

The reason it MAY not work if you dumped all the files to hard drive, is that there may be a file in the C: LIBS: S: directory the game needs. Try looking in those directories on the floppy for unique file that you don't have.

As for the botch up on hard disk space, not a clue. I would like to blame crap programming, but may be a WinUAE thing with hard disk directories instead .HDF. Not sure. I'll have a check later.
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I finally installed (and tested it worked) using a HD-File of 3.000.000 bytes on which their program installed perfectly, and then copying every file on the HD directory i normally use on WinUAE and updating all the *.rdf files to point to the correct drive.

Probably, as the install program is a custom Magnetic Scrolls one, it didn't expect so much space on a HD and got the wrong space available.

Anyway there surely is some problem in quitting the game because even WinUAE freezes when i select that option, just like the a1200.
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This is typical behavior for Amiga games. Programmers take over the machine and do not give the system back. Even if it did manage to return to to the system, the memory would be so botched you would be using an unstable system.

My guess is that the Quit Game option is a leftover option from the PC version (it was probably a port from PC or Mac) and was never implemented into the Amiga version, hence the freeze. Softco's never felt Amiga users deserved the option of quitting or installing games.
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