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Amiga 1000 Phoenix technical questions

I’ve tried asking these on A1k.org, but I seem to be having trouble with the German interface. So I thought I’d ask them here…

I have recently gotten second Phoenix board, this one is the 2005 “remake” sponsored by A1K. It came with an Indivision ECS and a GB Phönix-Turbo FE. It’s also got the SCSI parts populated.

I have some issues/questions that I’m hoping other Phoenix users can answer:

1. The GB Phönix-Turbo FE seems to be working great! It came with no documentation, and the documentation has been removed from the authors website, so it’s impossible to learn about this card. The amiga.resource.cx links to the documentation, but it’s a dead link.
- Is there any documentation for this board?
- I read on amiga.resource.cx that it has “512 Flash ROM” Does anyone know the purpose of this?

2. The 2005 Phoenix board boots very slowly - it takes at least 30 seconds before it decides to look for a boot device. Once it decides to boot, it’s fine. My older Phoenix board does not do this.
What do you think is the most likely cause of the boot pause? My guess is SCSI, but I did plug in an AztecMonster SCSI card and played with the card’s SCSI ID (default is 1) and the card’s active termination, and this did not change the boot time.

3. There is a header that seems to power a “dual LED” that lights the Amiga 1000’s power light orange for power and green for HDD activity. This light is missing from my kit (and the older Phoenix did not use this clever hack) Are there schematic or a source for a light like this? I can’t attempt to contact Andrew/Sirius, since I’m not supposed to own a Phoenix board.

Thanks in advance!
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