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I bet Ironclaw just got drunk, changed the extension of his , and now wants to listen to it. Man, let me tell you, alcoholism ain't a pretty thing... He's probably not even wearing pants while posting...
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ProWizard found only one module, maybe check with Multi Ripper.
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No.... it's one module per file... I have ripped all the music from Wendetta now.... wanted to rip em because the game has some good tunes...

I like plotb, rebelb, rebec.

hmm. maybe these tunes were already on exotica?.. oh well.

Here's the tunes... if someone wanna listen to em...


Hmm. they doesn't sound as good as they do in the game.. cause in the game there is voices on top of them and stuff..... I made a longplay some time ago at RAG.

A weird thing is that the end pictures in my version of Wendetta is naked women :P... but in HOL it's other pictures.
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K, but atleast not in mod .
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