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Do you know if there is any possibility to compile FS-UAE 3.X with jit enabled?
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Originally Posted by bacteriu View Post
Do you know if there is any possibility to compile FS-UAE 3.X with jit enabled?

The JIT compiler in FS-UAE does not fully support ARM, so no for Raspberry Pi :-/
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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
The JIT compiler in FS-UAE does not fully support ARM, so no for Raspberry Pi :-/
We would be eternally grateful if you could somehow find it in your time to update it to be compatible with Pi4
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With Apple Macs due to switch to ARM processors in the next couple of years (and considerably higher power than the Pi) is it likely that JIT ARM compatibility of FS-UAE will become baked in when that happens?

I am a big fan of Amiberry for how well it performs on the Pi, but also a big fan of FS-UAE for its functionality, and in particular the netplay support. I would hate to lose FS it if i made the switch when the new Macs come out; otherwise I suspect i will be using a 'legacy' MacBook purely for this function!
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I prefer FS-UAE over other ARM emulators due to the cycle-exact mode among other things and the good RPi 4 performance is interesting!

Has anyone tested FS-UAE with cycle-exact mode enabled and can report back? A500? A1200? With VSync?

I'm wondering which ballpark the RPi 4 is in exactly...

I found this blog post. There's this comment there:

From Wikipedia I estimated BCM2837B0 (3 B+) at 1000 CPUmark. Raspberry Pi claim BCM2711 is 50% faster [sic: -> swifter], despite the integer benchmarks on this post, so that should be 1500 CPUmark, still 3/8 of the 5W and 4·5W CPU ultrabook speeds that folk said were too slow (not sure for what), on the i5–8200Y and i5–7Y57. 1500 is better than 3W SH-X4 RP-X, worse than Cortex-A53-A57 Typhoon A8, worse than 4W Atom Broxton T5700, worse than 7·5W Pentium Bay Trail-M N3540, and almost equivalent to 25W Core 2 Duo Penryn P8700.

I still need the CPU’s TDP tho; the last one was 3·5W. If it uses the same power it’s about as efficient as the 28W Kaby Lake R i7–8559U but half as efficient as 4·5W Kaby Lake m3–7Y30 and the two ultrabook CPUs and 1/3 to 1/4 as the top mobile CPUs.
I went to CPUBenchmark.net to check and that CPU scores 968 points. Comments on the FS-UAE performance page tell that ~900 points may be juuust enough to run the A1200 in cycle-exact mode with VSync although some more leeway is recommended. Ooof... A bit too close for comfort, but hey... Performance is reaching "interesting" levels!

So, I wonder if it can be concluded that the RPi 4 can manage this all the way for gaming and demos although just barely? Hmm, makes me wonder about heat and case recommendations since this board can get quite hot. I suspect one with both heatsink and fan would be recommended?

I suppose Amiberry will be faster (?) but on the other hand have a reduced feature set.

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